New travel agency aims to make travel in the Algarve more sustainable

New travel agency aims to make travel in the Algarve more sustainableSustainable Travels is a new sustainable tourism travel agency that emerged in late 2019 and that aims to assert itself in the Algarve region during 2020.

Currently, sustainable tourism is more than a trend, it is a necessity. But a tourist with these concerns who wants to visit the Algarve will find it difficult to book his trip. There are various eco-companies in the region, but the supply is dispersed and closely associated with nature tourism. On the other hand, it is difficult to be sure who is really sustainable.

And that's why Sustainable Travels was born. To help travellers concerned about their impact on the destination to find trips that benefit local communities, protect the environment and value culture by offering authentic and sustainable experiences and working only with small local businesses.

To create our tours, we choose partners that demonstrate environmental, economic and social sustainability. We create 4-6 day themed tours that include accommodation and activities and each tour supports a local social or conservation association.

Our tours are ideal for those who want to visit the authentic Algarve, avoid the more touristic places and leave a positive mark with their stay.

We truly believe that tourism is more than take a flight to a new destination. It is a way to explore the world and we must respect those who receive us and nature. So, we all should be sustainable travellers!

Our mission is to consolidate the Algarve as a sustainable tourism destination, where tourism contributes to job creation and fair opportunities for the local population, contributes to the valorisation of local customs and culture and supports nature conservation.

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