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Algarve Tips - everything the Algarve has to offer, all year round!

ALGARVE TIPS - EVERYTHING THE ALGARVE HAS TO OFFER, ALL YEAR ROUND!My name is Jennifer and a live and work in the Algarve. With my own travel website Algarve Tips, I share all the beauty of this beautiful part of Portugal. And not only in summertime, the Algarve also has a lot to offer in the Winter!

How did I start? When things in my private life changed and I was suffering, I thought of the place that always makes me happy. For sure that is a place in the sun, but since I have visited the Algarve for many years for holidays, I knew my heart was here!

Jenny Weitering - Algarve tips I called friends of mine who already lived here in the Algarve, and asked them if they would search with me for a home to rent for long term.

In the years that I had travelled to the Algarve, I started to build a small website with modern tips on visiting the Algarve. I started this three years ago, two years before I moved to the Algarve.

Now, 4 years later, the Algarve Tips website, our Instagram and our Facebook followers are growing every day! People can book accommodations, cars and more than 150 activities all over the Algarve. Aswell as that, we share restaurant tips, beach tips, hotspots to visit and things to do.

I make bookings for families, couples but also for big goups. For example, if they want a nice villa to stay in, but also if they want a full program with yoga, SUP and buggy rides. Everything is possible. You can book easily yourself of course, using our recommendations, but we can help you if you prefer, so the only thing you have to do is book your flight and enjoy the Algarve!

The Algarve Tips website is in Dutch, but you can translate it simply to many languages using the facility at the bottom left of every page, because our customers and visitors are from all over the world.

It was not always easy to build up a new life, but thanks to the Algarve Tips I now know many people, and I get lots of invites for activities and to restaurants. I can't do or visit them all, but when I do, we make a nice story from it with pictures and a blog. It’s such a nice way to meet people, but also to bring people together. We help people in the Algarve to get more business and we help our clients to have their most amazing holiday experience.

I love the Algarve so much and I enjoy it every day!

I had one goal. A modern website for tourists and this has succeeded and is getting more and more fun! Never say something can't be done. I did it!

My motto. Together we are strong!

Lots of love, Jenny.

E:  info@algarvetips.nl 

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