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Top 10 Activities in the Algarve

TOP 10 ACTIVITIES IN THE ALGARVEDo you like to be active during your holiday? Get to know the Algarve with these fun activities, all tried and tested by Jennifer of Algarve Tips.

1. Benagil caves - Benagil in the  Algarve has become well known through social media, because it is stunning!Jennifer - Algarve tips

2. Ponta da Piedade Lagos - visit the Ponta de Piedade for fabulous walks or coastline runs.

3. Algarve sunset tours - The Algarve is known for some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises in Europe.

4. Ria de Formosa tours - Ria Formosa nature reserve is the perfect place, full of flora and fauna, to walk, boat or kayak.

5. Jeep, Buggy and Quad tours in the Algarve - if you like adrenaline and discovering hidden places this is for you.

6. Happy donkey tour/ walking with donkeys - walk alongside donkey as the stroll loose through the Algarve countryside.

7. Guided hiking -  walking or a brisk  hike, through the stunning Algarve.

8. Cliff jumping - explore the coastline of the >Costa Vicentina Natural Park between SagresLagos.

9. E-Bike tours Algarve - a very tranquil and beautiful cycling experience.

10. City, food and wine tours - cork factory, wine tasting, culinary tours and more!

Check out full details HERE, for special deals and more, on all of the activities listed above - all tried and tested by Jennifer at Algarve Tips. Use the translation tool provided at the bottom of the pages, to change to the language you require.





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