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Pushing Boundaries - Adventurous Activities to Try on Your Portuguese Getaway

PUSHING BOUNDARIES - ADVENTUROUS ACTIVITIES TO TRY ON YOUR PORTUGUESE GETAWAY"If there is one portion of Europe which was made by the sea more than another, Portugal is that slice, that portion, that belt. Portugal was made by the Atlantic." - Hilaire Belloc.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure exploring Portugal's vibrant cities and twinkling coastlines. From the bustling capital of Lisbon to the meandering Douro Valley, a Portuguese road trip is sure to provide endless enjoyment along its winding trails.

Whether you're looking for something unique or simply searching for a traditional getaway, Portugal has much to offer.

From Lisbon to Porto: A Journey Through Portugal

Starting off with a classic, driving from Lisbon to Porto is one of Portugal's greatest adventures. Not only will you be immersed in remarkable historical sites and breathtaking views of the Atlantic coastline -- there are plenty of stops where you can explore small villages, enjoy regional gourmet delicacies, and learn about local traditions. Mypathintheworld (a travelling blog) states that the first stop is Cabo da Roca – Europe’s most westerly point – for some seriously stunning coastal vistas. Best part? You'll get an awesome Instagram shot or two as well. After that, make sure to spend at least half a day treasure-hunting through Sinatra's old town or exploring all the other landmarks like Pena Palace or Quinta da Regaleira Palace. For more coastal fun head south towards Ericeira before continuing on into Obidos village, where charming cobbled streets lined with whitewashed houses await you.

 Before making it up to Porto, jump off for a quick diversion at Bussaco Forest – here, pine trees ward off evil spirits and grey deer roam around like ghosts. Lastly, Espinho offers sunny beaches dotted with seafront restaurants and great hotels serving delicious seafood dishes, all very welcoming and fond of tourists, while Vila Nova de Gaia boasts numerous port wine cellars which offer tastings accompanied by unique water panoramas across the Douro River Estuary - so don’t forget to stock up for the return trip. You will also find multiple hotels along the route and it's no secret that Portugal's hospitality sector has flourished in recent times, with an ever-growing number of hotels and resorts. Predictions indicate that by 2023, the hotel industry should reach pre-pandemic successes. As of 2021, Lisbon hosted 270 hotels, equalling around 25,250 hotel rooms - with the anticipation of a 10 % growth over the next three years. Portuguese hotels are one the best in Europe and offer numerous options, from lavish luxury accommodations to family resorts along to age-old inns.

Lisbon Adventures: Exciting Activities to Make the Most of Your Visit

When it comes to Portuguese adventures, Lisbon has something for everyone. Whether you're a thrill-seeking surfer looking for the perfect wave or an explorer seeking a unique outdoor experience, this city offers plenty of activities to enjoy. Red Bull highlights that for surfers, Ericeira is a must-visit spot. This 45 minute drive from downtown Lisbon records waves year round and features spots suitable for all levels of skill - from beginners to experienced surfers who are brave enough to take on the infamous right-wave break at Cave. Don't forget about Sintra-Cascais Natural Park either - just outside the city limits awaits lush forest ripe with off the beaten path fire roads as well as multiple castles worthy of exploring. Those hoping for more adventurous cave exploration will find exactly what they're looking for in Arrabida Natural Park. Just south of Tagus River lies winding tunnels stretching up 2.4 km long - if that's not extreme enough there are numerous smaller circular routes available too. No matter what kind of excitement you seek, Portugal shall deliver on its promise.

A journey through Portugal can be filled with thrills, culture and wonders – all accessible in one convenient destination. And when it comes time to rest from those exciting adventures, there are plenty of comfortable spots around Lisbon to enjoy while taking in the amazing views of this beautiful country. So why wait any longer? A Portuguese adventure awaits.


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