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A Peek Inside the Algarve's Most Luxurious Hotels

How could anybody want to holiday anywhere else?The Algarve is a dream holiday destination for so many people, and it's not exactly hard to see why. With stunning beaches facing the fierce Atlantic sea, there's plenty of space for sunbathers and surfboarders alike. Traveling a little further inland, there are several world-famous golf courses, countless picturesque white-washed villages, and more than a handful of truly breathtaking five-star hotels.

With our news holiday underway, we're going to be looking inside some of the most exclusive of these resorts today. Find out about their beautiful bedrooms, their state-of-the-art spas, and their exceptional restaurants.

So, if you want to see how the other half lives, then you've come to the right place.

Tivola Marina Vilamoura

The first hotel we're visiting is situated right in the harbour of Vilamoura, a beautiful white-washed town that's known for its lively scene at nighttime and its abundance of brilliant restaurants. This hotel is a glamorous addition to the town, offering guests a choice of accommodation from almost 400 rooms, each with stunning rain showers and sunken beds. Whilst the rooms themselves are beautiful, much of the allure of this hotel is in the shared facilities. There's a stunning pool with views of the harbour beyond, that has a well-stocked and constantly manned bar of course. As well as this, you can book a concierge to take you to any of the nearby golf courses, or slot you in at the spa. The spa here is renowned for its holistic massages, the perfect way to recover from an evening of overindulging in the delicious local wine.

The Conrad offers guests a private infinity poolHotel Algarve Casino

It's a little more unusual for a casino hotel to receive a five-star rating in the Algarve, but as soon as you set foot inside one of the suites at the Hotel Algarve Casino it becomes immediately clear that they deserve every last one of their stars. The suites all have sea views and plush living rooms, complete with huge flat-screen televisions and floor-to-ceiling windows. The hotel is conveniently located just a short walk from the magnificent Fort of Santa Catarina, making it the perfect spot for sightseers. The two pools, four bars, and the expansive wellness area make this hotel the sort of place that you could visit for a whole fortnight and never need to leave. However, the real feather in the cap is the state-of-the-art casino. If you're a fan of playing roulette, slots, poker, or blackjack then you couldn't hope for a better gaming venue. Whilst the choice in slot games might not be quite as vast as at Luckyland slots online, and the poker bonuses perhaps not as forthcoming as in online sites, the glamour of the venue cannot be overstated. This casino feels like something straight out a James Bond film and really sets the Hotel Algarve Casino apart form its competitors.

Conrad Algarve

Our final pick is situated in Quinta do Lago and provides guests with something a little out of the ordinary. Everyone is invited to their own private cabana, with direct access to a shared pool. A private balcony means that you can choose to enjoy the shared outside space, or soak in the Portuguese sun in privacy. Those guests who want an even more unforgettable experience can opt for the penthouse, which comes with its own butler and a huge infinity pool. One of the most unique aspects of this hotel is how the staff will go above and beyond to ensure their guests have a memorable stay. You can book to go clam picking with a local expert, or oyster tasting with a qualified chef. These special moments really set apart the Conrad from the rest of the competition. Not to mention, once you get back home, you can enjoy eating in a Michelin-starred restaurant, from the comfort of your own hotel.


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