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Antigua and Barbuda vs Vanuatu citizenship by investment: Comparison of programs

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA VS VANUATU CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT: COMPARISON OF PROGRAMSTraveling across countries and continents allows a person to understand the culture and traditions of other peoples, assess development prospects, and improve socialization skills. In addition, the climate and natural attractions often make people think about permanent residence in a paradise corner of the world.

The natural desire to get a passport of a favorite territory arises. Today, we offer to compare two investment programs and highlight the similarities and differences between Antigua and Vanuatu. These two plots of land in the middle of the boundless ocean may become your second homeland and a backup plan in different life situations. These can be economic crises, wars, pandemics, and threats to family life. 

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship program

Many reputable countries, such as Japan, have no available programs for investors, and it takes a long naturalization process to be eligible for a passport. This is not the case in the Caribbean. You can obtain Antigua citizenship by investment in 3 months if your application is approved and you have no health or legal problems. The program is notable for its low cost and variety of deposits. For example, a foreigner can buy real estate and get a second passport or make a one-time contribution to the country's fund.


Compliance with financial reporting is a condition of relocation and citizenship. The mandatory requirement is to pay all fees. Obtaining a passport is its purchase, so it is necessary to make a payment from 100 thousand dollars. However, it will be accompanied by a verification of the citizen of another country for the truthfulness of the information provided. Family members are also checked.

Benefits of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment

Benefits of citizenship:

  • fast passport processing and dual citizenship support;
  • visitor visas to the U.S.;
  • unrestricted travel to more than 150 republics;
  • compliance with laws, personal and territorial security;
  • excellent medicine, and developed infrastructure;
  • fast visa issuance to any country in Europe;
  • remoteness from the hustle and bustle, tall buildings, and polluted areas.

Contributing more than 100 thousand dollars is obligatory to take advantage of this offer, making the program one of the cheapest investment activities on the planet.

Vanuatu citizenship program

The government has recently started to offer residents the opportunity to move, but the program has already been used by many people worldwide. It is by far the fastest procedure. The investor receives Vanuatu passport by investment in a month after submitting the documentation. The remote method allows you to do this through an online system. 


You get a personal document without visiting the State, i.e., in your home country. The applicant pays 25% of the fee in advance and the rest - after approval of the applicant and his family. The main requirement is to pay an investment of 130 thousand dollars plus legal fees. Investment options are government bonds and a fund. No language tests are required. It is essential to prove your financial status that you own funds of 250 thousand dollars or more. 

Benefits of Vanuatu citizenship program by investment

The government uses the opportunity to attract not only tourists but also solid people to develop the territory, improve the economy, providing citizen's rights and other advantages in return:

  1. Security and absence of terrorist groups. 
  2. Laws are enforced, and pretty strict, especially regarding property rights. 
  3. Excellent communication and electricity running throughout the area.
  4. Price level. The state is an offshore center. Many taxes (interest, fees, sales taxes, etc.) are absent here. 
  5. Picturesque nature, colorful population, and friendly citizens.
  6. No visa is required to enter the country, and citizenship is processed in a month. 
  7. Calm and measured life.

In addition, the Government allows individuals to visit the United States as part of their work processes and travel to more than 95 countries. A Vanuatu citizenship by investment program supported by the government provides a legal way to obtain a passport for the Parliamentary Power of Oceania. 

Programs comparison

So, according to Vladlena Baranova, an expert on the investment program (Immigrant Invest company), Antigua passport by investment is suitable for young families who are at the stage of planning, business people, and retirees. The nature here favors relaxation, and there is a place for employment. Unlike Vanuatu, you can visit more countries without visas and pre-select where to invest funds for citizenship - in real estate, funds, or donations.  

There is only one path for Vanuatu citizenship, driven by the government's desire to improve the economy. At the same time, the country keeps on developing the tourist sector, fishing, and agriculture. However, Vanuatu is characterized by the world's most uncomplicated procedure for processing documents and issuing legal citizenship rights. 


Today, we have considered two sought-after powers among tourists, which are already gradually inhabited by solid people from other countries and continents. They are located in different parts of the planet but are similar in their island origin. To become a legal citizen of one of them, you should contact an agency that will tell you in detail about the procedure for submitting documents and choosing the type of deposit. We have briefly disclosed the peculiarities of life on these plots of land. We have shortly revealed the peculiarities of living on these plots of land. Now, you can set your priorities more confidently and choose the best time to apply.


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