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Discover the Algarve with these fun, special workshops and tours

DISCOVER THE ALGARVE WITH THESE FUN, SPECIAL WORKSHOPS AND TOURSThe Algarve, is known for its beautiful beaches, sun-drenched weather and bustling cities. But there is so much more to discover in this enchanting region than just sand and sea. 

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, city tours, creative workshops and Food & Wine tours are the perfect ways to discover the true beauty and culture of the Algarve.

Food & Wine Tours for Gourmets

FOOD & WINE TOURS FOR GOURMETSOne of the best ways to discover a new place is to taste its flavors. The Algarve is known for its rich culinary traditions and delicious dishes. With our Food & Wine tours you can explore the local cuisine and enjoy tasty highlights. Taste fresh seafood, traditional Portuguese dishes and sample the local wines this region has to offer. It is an unforgettable journey for foodies. View the best tours here . 1 of these unforgettable tours The Wine Experience Algarve in OctoberYou can choose to participate for 1 week but also for 1 day. Discover the hidden treasures of renowned wineries on our exclusive tour! This unique experience takes you on a tasteful journey through the most enchanting vineyards.

Portuguese Cooking ExperienceOr how about an afternoon Portuguese Chef Workshop?  Don't miss the Authentic Portuguese Cooking Experience! Step into the world of Portuguese cuisine and get to know the delicious local dishes during this unforgettable day. With fresh and local ingredients you will learn under the guidance of one. a fantastic chef how to prepare traditional Portuguese dishes. And the best part? After cooking, enjoy a delicious three-course meal with matching local wines, while making new friends in an enchanting rustic setting. Click here for more information.

Glass blowing workshopIf you have a creative mind, you will love the creative workshops the Algarve has to offer. Learn traditional crafts, painting or ceramics making from local experts. These workshops will introduce you to the art and culture of the region and give you the opportunity to create your own masterpiece. It's a great way to explore your creative side while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. One of these workshops is: fun Workshop-Holiday Course in glass burning, blowing. 

You can also do a lot of fun workshops at Figs on the Funcho. How about a painting course. I didn't know I was that good ;-). This was so relaxing and fun to do! First some nice messing around and then the real work... you'll see this later.

City tours full of adventure

Tuk Tuk rideFor those who want to explore the city and learn more about the history and culture of the Algarve, our city tours are a must. Hop into Maria's tuk tuk and let yourself be taken through the picturesque streets of Tavira. Discover its rich history, admire historic buildings and learn about local legends and traditions. It is an adventurous way to explore the city and gain new insights. Or how about a nice city walk in Lagos, sign up for the Free walking tour and give us what you thought it was worth afterwards. The guide is very pleasant.

Educational Visit to a Cork Factory

Did you know that Portugal is known worldwide for its cork production? A visit to a traditional cork factory is an educational and fascinating experience. Discover how cork is harvested and processed into a wide range of products, from cork stoppers to fashionable accessories. It's a great way to learn more about this sustainable and natural material that is an important part of Portuguese culture.

Book Now and Make Memories

So, whether you're a foodie, an art lover, a history buff or simply looking for adventure, there's something for everyone in the Algarve. Make your holiday unforgettable by participating in these fun activities and experience the beauty and culture of this beautiful region.

For more information and bookings, visit the Algarve Tips City tours in the Algarve  page.

Discover the Algarve in a way that suits you and be enchanted by everything this region has to offer!

Check out my website HERE, for special deals and more, on all of the activities listed above - all tried and tested by Jennifer at Algarve Tips. 
Use the translation tool provided at the bottom of the pages, to change to the language you require.


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