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Another Wonderful Portugal - Part 3

ANOTHER WONDERFUL PORTUGAL - PART 3Montemor has a very old fortress where the Portuguese fought several wars against Arabs, Spaniards, etc. It is located high up, with fantastic views to the Mondego River, between Coimbra and Figueira da Foz.

Top Kayaking Spots In Portugal You Need To Visit This Summer

TOP KAYAKING SPOTS IN PORTUGAL YOU NEED TO VISIT THIS SUMMERLooking for a summer vacation spot that offers plenty of outdoor activities? Portugal is a great choice! This beautiful country is home to some stunning kayaking spots.

Ten Great Places to Visit in The US

TEN GREAT PLACES TO VISIT IN THE USThe USA is arguably one of the most popular travel destinations for tourists and travelers from all over the globe, and it’s no wonder why. Not only is it absolutely huge, with a wide range of cultures, cities and landscapes, it has also found its way into so much of the world’s popular culture today.

Another Wonderful Portugal - Part 2

ANOTHER WONDERFUL PORTUGAL - PART 2IDANHA-NOVA is a Portuguese county by the border to Spain, not far away from Serra da Estrela. From Idanha you have gorgeous views to it, also to some mountains in Spain.

Another Wonderful Portugal - Part 1

Jack SoiferFor many years I have been visiting small villages and enterprises, and was a guide in Portugal. I have thus developed friendships with hundreds of professionals all over, which made me accept invitations to revisit them now, after pandemics.

The Most Popular Things to Do and Places to Visit in Schaumburg

THE MOST POPULAR THINGS TO DO AND PLACES TO VISIT IN SCHAUMBURGIf you’re going to be spending time in Schaumburg, Illinois, you’ve got quite a lot of options for things to do and places to see. Though on the smaller end of the scale in terms of population, Schaumburg has a rich history, tons of high-quality amenities, and lots of experiences that are friendly to all ages.

5 spectacular locations in the UK to go camping

 SPECTACULAR LOCATIONS IN THE UK TO GO CAMPINGCamping is one of the perfect ways to relax, whether you are a in a couple, a solo traveller or holidaying with friends. The thought of stargazing at night, unzipping the canvas at daybreak, and spending time outdoors is as alluring as ever.

Top 5 Places to Visit in the Algarve for Young Families

TOP 5 PLACES TO VISIT IN THE ALGARVE FOR YOUNG FAMILIESIf you're planning to take your little kids on a fun holiday, the Algarve would be a great destination to consider. It's safe and family-friendly, boasting excellent weather, beautiful sandy beaches, and modern tourism facilities. There's also a huge variety of fun activities catered to kids of all ages.