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R-U-UK IN RUSH? A mega-show?

R-U-UK IN RUSH? A MEGA-SHOW?In the last weeks the media was focusing on the quarrel between R-ussia, the US and UK-raine. Rush for a war? NOT AT ALL! It’s a game, a show for those who do not access data or wish to avoid showing it.

My father was from Ukraine. I know many Ukrainians in the Algarve, as I speak their language.

1. Arms industry has not been selling according to its expectations this decade. They push for sales, mainly the US+UK+German industries.

2. Biden no longer has that popularity as he did last year and is forced to show that the US is always the leader of the world.

3. Putin no longer has that popularity as he didlast year and is forced to show that Russia is always the co-leader of the world.

4. Ukraine President, who has no money for arms and is afraid of both opposition within its territory and in the territory close to the border.

5. NATO-boss wishes for more power, and there's nothing better than this conflict to get more access to arms.

6. The EU has to enter some show to distract attention from the huge expected inflation, something as 8,5-9% in 2022. The European Central Bank does nothing to avoid it, as huge banks will earn more with it.

7. The West is already sending arms and ammunition to Ukraine, which means the West will buy more arms this year.

8. The EU is sending money to the poor government pro-EU in Ukraine, to avoid the opposition which has a more independent view in denying the Euro, as some small/poor countries which entered the Euro try to get out of it, but may not. That money will be used to purchase products, mainly in Germany/France, helping them to boost their economies.

9. WHO WINS applauses in this Ruuk in Rush mega-show? The arms industry, Biden&Putin, as history shows when a leader loses credibility, he creates a foreign enemy, to get his people’s support. NATO, which wishes more power. European Central Bank, who will explain a huge raise in interest rates with “uncertain future”. 

WHO LOSES? We, tax payers and loan takers, as always.


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