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Portugal and the Ukraine invasion

PORTUGAL AND THE UKRAINE INVASIONAs I published in my previous article 'R-U-UK IN RUSH? A MEGA-SHOW?' on Feb 18th, the real causes for this invasion are not published in the EU.

See previous article here.

The reasons are:

1. Arms industry sold less than expected in latter 9 years;

2. Need for Biden, Putin and Zelensky to find a foreign enemy, to stop their growing domestic opposition;

3. European Central Bank’s finding a foreign reason for the huge expected inflation, as they did nothing last year to avoid it.

4. NATO’s boss wishes more power=arms.

5. Zelensky promised in the election to NOT enter NATO.

From the early beginning, Putin wished only to push Zelensky away from the presidency, so Ukraine would keep its promise, NO NATO. The same way Kennedy stopped Cuba for Russian missiles near its border, Putin wished the same. He wishes also to guarantee to both independent regions they would be free for elections, and have peace with clear borders.

Putin knows well he would be mad trying to dominate Ukraine. He did not expect such a resistance around Kiev. He had to show results to his people. As Zelensky, very smart, moves around different locations and has an excellent rhetoric, conquering politicians in the West, Putin decided to bomb civilians, to lower Zelenskys popularity, with opposite results.

Putin wishes only to keep Ukraine out of NATO and strengthen his own power in Russia. It seems he may get the first, not the 2nd victory.


1.Inflation this year may reach around 9,5%.

2.Less grains, etc from Ukraine make food prices rise a lot.

3.Energy costs for industries and transportation will raise.

4.Many families will not be able to meet higher interest rates and will need social support.

5.EU money to Portugal will drop a lot, as it goes to arms and reconstruction in Ukraine.

6.Public debt will increase, to meet raised social expenses with refugees and unemployment. As a result, interest rates will rise.

7.As China delivers less components to our industries, many of them will use the lay-off clause, which means higher costs to government and lower income to half a million families.


Ukrainians have a strong culture, they work hard, wish to do their best. With EU-money they will bring back millions of well-trained workers from the West, to reconstruct. UKRAINE, AS JAPAN, will have the most modern production techniques and equipment to build an updated society. Their Antonovs are the best air cargo aircrafts in world. These will take Ukraine’s electronic and high-tech products to the Americas, where half a million Ukrainian descendents run enterprises. USA and the EU will accept all their exports. They will move their units from Russia to Ukraine.


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+5 #1 Steve Walker 2022-03-25 13:57
What a load of baloney. The reason that these "causes"are not published in the EU is because you have dreampt them up! Why this publication gives you column inches to spread this drivel is beyond me. Please stick to facts.

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