Restarting Portugal

Restarting PortugalMost people agree that this CV19 is causing immense need to change most of practices in the Northern Hemisphere. While New Zealand, Singapore, Macau, Australia, partially also Israel cleared this pandemic quite well, most of the EU countries, the US and Brazil suffered half a million or more deaths.

The economy this year will fall some 8 to 9%, next year that could reach 11%. The Algarve did not suffer many deaths, but unemployment struck most families, directly - in tourism, restaurants, construction, most of commerce. Also through all kind of services which support them.
Portugal lost most of its tourism income, 11% of its GNP. A wise act by government created the seal “Clean and Safe”, praised by most tourism institutions abroad. Support to poor families and SMEs also made us clear this drama. But its causes are there, we need a structural reform, starting from the constitution, no profits to tax-heavens, etc.

Paulinas is editing an E-book which should come in late June and in print later this year. In the book, RESSURGIR, some 25 university professors and experts give hints on what happened and what is the best way to RESTART so we could soon reach the same G-ood N-ational P-rofile, expected in a democracy, less corruption and inequality.
Mendo Henriques, editor, writes in his prologue that the money invested during the 2010-crisis soon disappeared in interest rates, higher public debt and raising inequalities. He tells that in “Towards a Stable Economy” known economists wrote that crisis is inevitable as long as growth at any cost governs. Also “to be sustainable, capitalism has to take into account environmental realities, the struggle for social justice and democratic institutions… Are we changing course, once and for all, towards a sustainable economy?”
José Braz expects a third industrial revolution (TRI), a green new deal in “a post-carbon era without catastrophic climate change.
1 - the switch to renewable energies;
2 - buildings with micro power plants using renewable energy on site;
3 - deployment of hydrogen and other storage technologies in all buildings and in the entire infrastructure to store intermittent energy;
4 - Internet Technology to change the electricity network of all continents into an energy sharing interconnection;
5 - fleets with plug-in electric vehicles and fuel cells that can buy and sell electricity in an intelligent, continental and interactive grid.
This smart green new deal should involve all professional skills”.

Jack Soifer wrote a long list of best practices, proposals for government to revamp tourism in order to get back to 11% of 2019 GNP in 2022.

Easy to read, this RESSURGIR, with a comprehensive summary in English, covers key issues for a BETTER NEW WORLD!     

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