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NEW RELEASE - The 9th Divinity by Réal Laplaine

The 9th Divinity - a contemporary geopolitical thriller by Réal LaplaineA new contemporary, and not so fictional, geopolitical thriller by Réal Laplaine. Vladimir Putin has just met his match.

Available from the following online stores:


For the last eight months, since February 2022, the world has lived with Vladimir Putin's invasion of the Ukraine, a war which in fact is an extermination event, wiping out whole cities, forcing millions to flee, and ultimately, replacing it with something else.

Many people around the world are doing things to help Ukraine both endure and win this fight. Every voice, every shoulder, every action, is like a drop in the ocean, and drops create ripples. If millions of actions, or drops, ripple across that ocean, soon it becomes a wave, and as the waves multiply, it becomes a tsunami.

We can never permit, tolerate or become complacent about such things, because wars are only fought because sociopaths like Vladimir Putin, start them for reasons that can only be fathomed if one understands the narcissistic motives of the anti-social personality.

We must all do our part, add our drops to the ocean, and help create the wave for change, not only in helping Ukraine to oust the intruder, but more fundamentally, to change the mental paradigm, the very idea that wars need to be fought at all, that weapons of mass destruction need to exist for "peace", and for dictators to be permitted to exist long enough to oppress entire nations.

I'm not making any particular pitch about how or what we should do both individually and collectively, but it certainly isn't only marching off to war, because wars only breed more war, and history is witness to that - and the trauma they leave behind is not easily erased, even when history books are redacted to favor the "victor".

I myself am releasing this novel on 20 December 2022, titled, The 9th Divinity. It's a continuation of my Canadian crime novels, the Keeno Crime Thrillers, but this novel is very different; maybe it will be just a drop in the ocean, or maybe a wave, because it sends an important message to the world - that we don't have to sit around, in apathy or complacency, and leave it up to leaders and politicians and the military to solve. Putin was permitted to rise to power by the people of Russia - which means that the people of Russia can take away his power. As long as the Russian culture continues its love affair with oligarchs; from emperors to Czars and dictators, as long as it is acceptable to them to have a madman like Putin at the helm of their nation, the problem will occur again, and again. What needs to change in Russia, is not just its regime, but it's quintessential essence, the very mental platform that has existed since the Russian Revolution of 1917, which heralded in Marxism, Communism, and ultimately down the road, Putinism. A system and mental paradigm that makes Russia repeatedly vulnerable to and complacent about despots leading them.

The 9th Divinity, while it is a fiction novel, is based on contemporary and very real circumstances today, and surprisingly, it offers up a different perspective and approach about how to deal with problematic dictators, corrupt regimes, criminal governments and other institutions and corporations, the nefarious and hidden sociopaths, lurking in the dark, and yet, empowered by a global system that fails to ferret them out, expose them, and prevent them from poisoning the world. This book is about returning balance, giving the people power through transparency - because criminals, like Putin, or Kim Jong-un in North Korea, and many more, can only exist when the system favors them and not justice, truth and transparency.

That's my drop in the ocean. I encourage you to find yours. As the saying goes, the power of the people is greater than the people in power, but for that to be true, we have to take that power and act. It's not a passive role, it's a proactive one.

Please take a moment to visit B.A.N. which stands for Ban All Nukes, an initiative launched this year to ban all nuclear weapons in the world. See it HERE and at Facebook HERE.

Wwww.reallaplaine.com | www.book-blip.com | storywriteronline@gmail.com

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