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“Weird Foods of Portugal: Adventures of an Expat"

“WEIRD FOODS OF PORTUGAL: ADVENTURES OF AN EXPAT"“Weird Foods of Portugal: Adventures of an Expat,” by Wendy Lee Hermance is humorous true stories of an American near-vegetarian trying to fit into Portugal, was recorded on January 19-21, soon to be available as an audio book.

Ms. Hermance Ms. Hermance arrived in Portugal in 2017 from her longtime home in Charleston, South Carolina.

Sara Thwaite, Editor of Boys in the Trees, a Memoir (Carly Simon), and Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen, (Julie Ann Sageer) wrote, "The book is a great combination of lyrical, beautiful prose with the writer's personality threaded throughout.... The reader is jarred by the dreamlike, erotic quality and fanciful descriptions of António's Stick, for example. I think the book is witty and lyrical and accomplishes a good mix of social commentary and beautiful descriptions of Portugal and its people."

Author Richard Zimler has called Wendy Lee Hermance’s writing, “highly compelling work."

Being recorded on January 19-21, soon to be available as an audio book.The 370-page illustrated book,  “Weird Foods of Portugal: Adventures of an Expat,” was released in print and e-book worldwide in 2022. It was updated in January 2023 with added “Further Readings,” and Portuguese edits by Sonia Cascais Sa. This can purchased on Amazon.

A 2020 book of poetry by Ms. Hermance, “Where I´m Going with this Poem”, was translated into the Portuguese by Jose Lima of Lisbon.

Ms. Hermance has published four books, and been featured at Casa da Boavista´s “Tribute to Fernando Pessoa,” DiVersos, The Avocet, The Voice of Esmoriz, Prometheus Dreaming, and other publications.
She has a journalism degree from Stephens College in the United States, and a masters degree in Project Management Leadership from the University of Sydney.
She has received awards for historic house restorations.
She is member of the Poetry Society of South Carolina, and the Capella Inconum. 

A book tour for the Algarve region is being planned in conjunction with Portuguese book distributor, José Almeida Gomes & Filhos Lda. to coordinate with the audio release.



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