A Happy Ending For Donald!

Donald Needs A Home!You may remember the story of Donald, a pure breed Rafeiro Alentejo puppy who was found roaming the country roads around the Aerodromo in Arão earlier this year. His story was a sad one but has a happy ending!
He was adopted by a German family who have a house with land in the are of Barragem da Bravura - just look how he's doing now...

It was clear immediately that this dog had something wrong with his front legs, they were longer than his back legs and were quite severely bowed -  probably the reason he was dumped by his owner. 

A Happy Ending For Donald!Read the original article here: https://algarvedailynews.com/community-news/charity-news/16843-donald-needs-a-home

After a second veterinary opinion, it was decided that all that was needed was a supplement to strengthen the bones, combined with a top quality puppy food and limited exercise. 

After a few weeks of this recommended treatment and rehabilitation everything is fine with him, his legs are 100% straight now! He can go for walks in the nature with his older sister (the other dog in the family). 

Thanks to Cadela Carlota for the rescue and rehoming of Donald.

E:  cadelacarlota.comp@gmail.com



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