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Mary's Meals Charity feeds over 2.4 million children every school day

MARY'S MEALS CHARITY FEEDS OVER 2.4 MILLION CHILDREN EVERY SCHOOL DAYMarys Meals Portugal firmly believe that every child in the world deserves an education and enough to eat. 

Mary's Meals is a global movement of people playing their part in fighting world hunger using one simple idea. By creating community-run school feeding programs in some of the world's poorest areas, it encourages children to get into the classroom and gives them the energy to focus on their lessons, so they can get an education that can be the path to a better future.
We see firsthand, around the world, how the promise of a daily school meal can be truly transformative for the world's poorest children. When a child no longer has to worry about his next meal, he is free to learn, grow and reach his potential - the meal changes history.

The goal of keeping costs low, with a large number of dedicated volunteers, ensures that at least 93% of all donations can be spent directly on charitable activities. We believe that everyone can contribute to our mission, and we encourage those who share our vision to volunteer their time, money, talents, or prayers to lovingly reach out to those suffering the effects of extreme poverty.

Almost all of our work depends on dedicated volunteers: both those who help provide school meals in their communities and those who raise awareness and spread awareness about Mary's Meals in order to help grow the movement to reach more children. Together, we help transform lives.

We have seen the difference that daily meals served in a place of learning can make to vulnerable children and whole communities. Join us for 22€ and we can feed 1 child/year.

CLICK HERE to donate. 

Alternatively, you can donate by MBway to +351 912 524 403, or by bank transfer to Novo Banco IBAN– PT50 0007 0000 0036 7851 3552 3.

W:  https://marysmeals.pt
E : info@marysmeals.pt

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