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Bitcoin Trading: Tips and Tricks for New Investors

Bitcoin Trading: Tips and Tricks for New Investors.Are you ready to start trading Bitcoins? In this in-depth, informative article, we'll provide you with tips and tricks for successful Bitcoin trading. From understanding the market to managing your risk, we'll cover everything you need to know to start trading Bitcoins with confidence.

Currency Market Update - 1st March 2023

Currency Market UpdateThis week saw Pound gain strength against the Euro (0.2%) as well as the Dollar (0.76%), following the Prime Minister’s announcement of a deal with the EU to amend the original Northern Ireland Protocol.

Currency Market Update - 27th February 2023

Currency Market UpdateTo recap on Friday, we saw a reduction in the initial jobless claims for the US following that the job market in the US remains strong.

Currency Market Update - 24th February 2023

Currency Market UpdateA reduction in weekly jobless and initial claims for the US confirming a continuing strong job market. If look back to the start of the month, non-farm payroll, that pictured an extremely healthy report on the job market and while retail sales been strong too and business activity rebounding to an eight-month high for February.

Currency Market Update - 23rd February 2023

Currency Market UpdateYesterday’s FOMC meeting minutes from The Federal Reserve brought further strength to The USD, as we saw both GBP & EUR lose ground by 0.5%.

Currency Market Update - 21st February 2023

Currency Market UpdateUk public sector net borrowing. In the UK we saw net borrowing rise by another £6.2b to -£24.8b I don’t foresee this impacting markets with us being an importing country we always expect this to rise

Currency Market Update - 20th February 2023

Currency Market UpdateTo recap on Friday, we had 4 FED speeches, simply just talking about economic outlook of what’s yet to come they basically mentioned they are going to be more hawkish and there’s a need for further rate hikes which will further boost the dollar.

Currency Market Update - 17th February 2023

Currency Market UpdateYesterday we saw US PPI (producer price inflation) reach 0.7%, its highest level in 7 months. We also had four speeches from Federal Reserve members commeting on the economic outlook for the US.