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Currency Market Update - 16th May 2023

Currency Market Update The pound dropped a little this morning after a rise in Britain's jobless numbers suggested fewer Bank of England rate increases could be needed in the coming months to bring down inflation, helping the broad dollar index to push back towards Monday's five-week peak.

Currency Market Update - 15th May 2023

Currency Market Update The BoE delivered as expected a 25 bps hike last week with a relatively positive outlook, with a recession no longer on the cards in the UK and inflation expected to come down later this year. Unfortunately, this did not reflect well on the Pound, with GBPUSD falling to 1.24 down from 1.2680.

Currency Market Update - 11th May 2023

Currency Market Update GBP continued its hot streak against both The EUR & The USD yesterday as both currency pairs hit one year highs, with GBP/EUR closing yesterday’s session just above 1.15, whilst GBP/USD had hit highs of 1.2680 earlier in the day due to their inflation figures for April coming in slightly lower than expected. Seemingly paving the way for The Federal Reserve to pause their rate hike cycle.

Currency Market Update - 10th May 2023

Currency Market Update Sterling could rise as the Bank of England is likely to raise interest rates by 25 basis points to 4.5% as expected on Thursday and potentially signal further rate increases.

Currency Market Update - 9th May 2023

Currency Market Update - 2nd May 2023Last week was pretty eventful with both the ECB and the Fed confirming 25 bps rises as expected, the key takeaways is that the Fed will probably pause for now and the ECB plans to continue. Following the Fed meeting we saw Western Alliance’s bank shares drop pretty steeply overnight, reigniting concerns in the U.S banking sector, just minutes after the Fed reiterated how strong and resilient the U.S banks were.

Currency Market Update - 4th May 2023

Currency Market Update - 2nd May 2023The USD lost further ground against major currency pairs overnight after The Federal Reserve raised their Interest Rates by a further 25 basis points, but crucially stated that they no longer anticipate further rate increases will be needed to bring inflation under control.

Currency Market Update - 2nd May 2023

Currency Market Update - 2nd May 2023With just a 4 day week ahead of us in the UK before the King’s Coronation, we have a relatively volatile week on the cards with Central Banks as the key focus- which could present some great opportunities for those buying and selling Sterling.

What are 3 ways to file your taxes?  

WHAT ARE 3 WAYS TO FILE YOUR TAXES?  Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out the best way to file your taxes? It can be a confusing and daunting process that leaves us wishing for an easier solution. There are multiple channels available when it comes time to file taxes, but understanding all of them is no easy feat.