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Currency Market Update - 6th February 2024

Currency Market Update - 25th January 2024RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) went down the same path as other central banks last week and kept rates on hold for now. No surprises here, as the majority of central banks still waiting to see when the Federal Reserve will make their next move and follow suit.

Currency Market Update - 5th February 2024

Currency Market Update - 25th January 2024Last week was generally quite stable for Sterling following the Bank of England decision where rates were held with no real immediate concern for any cuts coming soon- the big news though was the NFP report on Friday which showed that the U.S had added 353k jobs in January, which was almost double expectation.

NHR, out with the old and in with the new

NHR, OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEWThe surprise announcement by the Portuguese prime minister that he saw no value for the Non Habitual Resident (NHR) regime and it would cease at the end of the year was swiftly followed by the surprise announcement that he would be resigning. 

Currency Market Update - 25th January 2024

Currency Market Update - 25th January 2024Pound Sterling reached a 4-month high yesterday against The Euro after a mixed bag of PMI results across manufacturing and services sector for both The UK & EU. Across the board results showed a decline in these sectors throughout Europe, whereas manufacturing and services in particular in The UK saw a surprising increase, paving the way for Sterling to climb.

Currency Market Update - 24th January 2024

Currency Market Update - 22nd January 2024It’s relatively quiet day on the economic front today, but we have started with a basket of PMI Surveys for France, Germany & The Euro-Zone. The consensus across the board seems to suggest a decline in performance through the Manufacturing and Services sector, which right now may not be a major concern, but certainly as the year goes on this could pose a particular problem if this decline was to continue and worsen.

Currency Market Update - 22nd January 2024

Currency Market Update - 22nd January 2024After a fairly positive week for Sterling, December’s Retail Sales put a halt to this run with poor figures recorded last month. This evidently came as a shock to the markets, but can be pinpointed to the fact that many shoppers took advantage of the late November sales as opposed to usually upping their spending during the festive period.

Navigating No Credit Check Loans: An Essential Guide  

Navigating No Credit Check Loans: An Essential GuideNo credit check loans have become a prominent financial solution in Australia, particularly for individuals facing urgent financial needs and holding a bad credit rating. These loans aim to provide a lifeline to those who may be excluded from traditional lending options due to poor credit history.

Currency Market Update - 19th January 2024

Currency Market Update On Thursday we heard from Christine Lagarde in Davos, given us an small indication that ECB could start to cut rates in the Summer but she was stern on the topic of overconfidence in the market could halt their inflation policy and its vital to continue being data-driven.