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Currency Market Update - 12th January 2024

Currency Market Update

US inflation came in stronger than what was forecasted for December, seeing the inflation rate increase to 3.4% versus 3.1% in November. Even if core inflation dropped from 4% to 3.9%, it was expected to reach a level of 3.8%. This has created more market uncertainty of when the Federal Reserve will start to cut rate and that its initial rate hike might be postponed from March to later in the year.

Portugal’s Cultural Production Golden Visa set for starring role

PORTUGAL’S CULTURAL PRODUCTION GOLDEN VISA SET FOR STARRING ROLEAffluent expats keen to unlock the opportunities of Portugal’s Golden Visa now have another investment alternative.
Thousands of affluent families and wealthy investors have already taken advantage of the country’s alluring Golden Visa program – a scheme that offers fast-track residency and access to the whole EU Schengen region in exchange for investment in one of Portugal’s qualifying investment funds.

Money Matters: Making the Most of the Best Bitcoin Casinos in Your Financial Strategy

Money Matters: Making the Most of the Best Bitcoin Casinos in Your Financial StrategyIn the ever-evolving landscape of online gambling, Bitcoin casinos have emerged as a unique and influential player.

Currency Market Update - 8th January 2024

Currency Market Update

Heading into a new week, there is important economic releases to keep an eye out for. Monday is fairly ‘soft’ when it comes to data releases, so looking ahead what’s expected and when?

Currency Market Update - 2nd January 2024

Currency Market Update

Pound Sterling starts 2024 in the mid-1.15’s against the EUR and mid-1.27’s against the USD, with the main focus this month centered around inflation releases for Europe, United States & The United Kingdom. The markets have prior to Christmas, been fully pricing in Interest Rate cuts for at some point between March & May.

Currency Market Update - 29th December 2023

Currency Market Update

It's the last update this year and what a year it has been, I hope you agree on a positive note!

Currency Market Update - 19th December 2023

Currency Market Update

GBP has softened over the past 24 hours against major currency peers, seeing GBP/USD drop below 1.27 and GBP/EUR fight to stay at the 1.16 level. UK inflation is due out tomorrow morning, with expectations suggesting a minor drop in figures from 4.6% to 4.4% for November.

Currency Market Update - 13th December 2023

Currency Market Update

In a surprising turn of events, the UK economy shrank by 0.3% in October, causing the value of the British pound to decrease. Economists had predicted a steady or slight growth of 0.1% for the month.