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3 Modern Cooking Devices for those who Can't Cook

3 MODERN COOKING DEVICES FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T COOKDuring the pandemic, it seems like everyone has become a home chef. However, there are still some people who can’t manage their way around a kitchen.

Technology has been changing in recent years, and now you can find a wide range of easy to use cooking appliances that will help you make finger licking food, without having to do much! 

Most modern cooking devices are designed to make cooking easy. Don’t worry if you have failed whipping up a meal in the past, because the appliances mentioned in this article are easy to operate. 

Air Fryer

If you are on a tight budget, and you want to invest in cooking equipment that will allow you to cook a long list of ingredients, then you should consider spending your hard-earned cash on a brand new air fryer. 

Over the past 12 years, air fryers have grown in popularity. You can prepare a great tasting healthy meal within a matter of minutes with an air fryer. If you are trying to maintain a healthy diet, you won’t have to submerge the ingredients in oil

Although most of us enjoy eating fried food, eating too much fried food can have a devastating impact on our health. High cholesterol which can lead to heart disease is often caused by fried food, but it can be avoided if you decide to use an air fryer. 

Making healthy food can prove challenging, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. Those who use air fryers are well aware of its cooking efficiency. It preheats the appliance in a short space of time, and cooking ingredients won’t take long either. 

Most air fryers come with an easy to use interface. The interface is easy to get the hang of, and it allows you to adjust the temperature and the time. 

You’ll find lots of tasty air fryer recipes online. There are tons of websites, like the Cooking School Dropout, with several recipes. 

Instant pot

Millions of people in the United States own an instant pot. Operating one of these multifunctional pressure cookers has encouraged a lot of folks to try out new things. 

You can pick up a state-of-the-art instant pot for less than $200. Because these appliances are so popular, most electrical stores stock a wide variety of different models and brands. 

Unlike a lot of traditional cooking equipment, instant pots are easy to clean. Just like air fryers, it won’t take you long to cook a great tasting meal. The device uses a combination of steam and heat to cook ingredients. In comparison to a conventional oven, you can reduce cooking time by up to seventy percent. Not only can you cook food quickly, but it can help reduce the cost of your home’s utility bills. According to experts, instant pots are one of the greenest cooking appliances in today’s market. 

The cooking process with an instant pot is simple. All the home chef must do is put the ingredients into the stainless steel pot, set the timer, and let it do all the work. Even if you are not ready to eat the meal when the timer goes off, it has a heating function that will keep your ingredients warm. 

Smart Toaster

Yes, smart toasters are a thing! Although traditional toasters are easy to operate, to bring your toast to the next level, you might want to consider purchasing a smart toaster. 

Almost all smart toasters have an LCD screen that is used to display the time remaining for your toast. This will help you avoid burning your toast. 

You can use the toaster's features and functions to defrost different types of foods. You can also use it to toast bagels.

In comparison to traditional toasters, smart toasters have lots of safety features, so people of all ages can cook toast safely. 

You can download an app on your smart device that will connect to your toaster via bluetooth. You can turn on your toaster, even when you are out of the kitchen. 

If you are planning on buying a smart toaster, keep an eye out for the following features:

  • Does it have a ‘quick look’ feature?: This will allow you to take a look at your toast while it's in the toaster to see if it is brown enough. 
  • Will it notify you that your toast is done?: As soon as your toast is done, some smart toasters will alert you with an alarm. A small speaker is built inside a lot of small toasters. 
  • Can you change the toaster's settings? 
  • How many slices of toast does it allow you to make at once?

If you are fed up with making burnt toast each morning, a smart toaster might prove to be a solid investment. Although they can cost more than most traditional toasters, it could save you a lot of stress, and get you off to a good start to the day. 


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