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July in the garden


July is another good month for enjoying the garden rather than for planting owing to the heat. The most important task now through to September is ensuring plants have sufficient water. Except for several native plants and well-established drought-resistant plants, all plants need regular watering.

4 Benefits to Using Expandable Hoses

4 BENEFITS TO USING EXPANDABLE HOSESWhile you might want to water plants and control your garden every single summer, no one wants to drag their kinky, dragged up, cumbersome hose to the gardens every single day. The hoses are heavy, they kink and bunch up, and they often take too long to unfurl and also furl back up, making watering the plants a massive hassle. 

June in the garden


June is the ideal month to simply enjoy your garden as most of the spring planting should have already been done but the hottest days yet to arrive. 

May in the garden

May in the garden

May is the time to finalise all the spring planting, as the increased heat boosts all plants to really take off. 

From now until November one key to success is to water deeply but appropriately for each plant.

April in the garden

April in the gardenOf course, the Algarve boasts colour year round, but April has the strongest punch of colour of any month. March was the first spring planting month, but if you did not get it all done, there is time to catch up in April. April can bring heavy rain interspersed with warm sunny days, speeding growth. Pests also benefit from the increased warmth, so one should pay attention to early control to avoid wreaking infestation later.

Oleander - beautiful but toxic

OLEANDER - BEAUTIFUL BUT TOXICGardens in warm climates often have a beautiful Oleander plant, and for good reason. It is easy to grow, is evergreen and is available in a huge variety of colours. However, many are not aware that Oleander is toxic.

What is an Arborist and Why You Might Need to Hire One

WHAT IS AN ARBORIST AND WHY YOU MIGHT NEED TO HIRE ONEIn your neighborhood or local community, healthy trees offer a variety of beneficial functions. Hiring an arborist is one way for homeowners to guarantee that their trees remain healthy. Arborists are trained professionals who know how to properly manage trees for the public's safety and the tree's wellness.

October in the garden

LilyThis month, like March, is a pivotal month for refocusing, this time on winter. The more effort extended now should equal less work later. The idea of autumn planting is to beat the major winter rains so that roots establish over winter while benefiting from soil still warm.

Now is also the time to clear out all the old summer annuals and vegetables, tidy up perennials, and to prune, transplant, divide and mulch.