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Keeping Up With Gardening Trends

KEEPING UP WITH GARDENING TRENDSWhether it is fashion or phones we like to stay up with the latest trends and in the world of gardening it is no different!

A garden makeover, from start to finish

A GARDEN MAKEOVER, FROM START TO FINISHThis full garden makeover is one of our firm favourites, consisting of the driveway, terraces, lawn, outdoor living spaces and even a putting green!

Say It With Flowers: Great Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

SAY IT WITH FLOWERS: GREAT FLOWERS TO GROW IN YOUR GARDENFlowers are a common luxury that most of us indulge in. A single rose can make our day bright. A garden-full of different blooms, however, will feel like heaven. Flowers are nature’s gift to us, and it is proper that we return the favour by taking care of them.

PITANGA, Eugenia uniflora

PITANGA, EUGENIA UNIFLORAIn the book “Messias das Plantas” Carlos Magdalena, from Kew Gardens, defends plants at risk of extinction. Kew Gardens, close to London, is a key space of botanical diversity.
We have few botanical gardens in Portugal, the best in Lisbon, the one in Coimbra not well kept. In the Algarve we have only one.

Natural Ways To Grow Nutritious Plants At Home

Natural Ways To Grow Nutritious Plants At HomeHaving a garden is not only visually appealing, but it also can be an investment if you are into growing your own food. As farmers move further from the natural ways of growing crops, many people are becoming increasingly concerned about what they are putting in their bodies. You definitely do not want to feed your family fruits and vegetables full of chemicals or, worse, genetically mutated food.

Gardening in Heat: Can you lay artificial grass directly on soil and concrete?

Gardening in Heat: Can you lay artificial grass directly on soil and concrete?Artificial grass is the sign of a modern backyard. It is there to help you maintain a perfect looking lawn that is low maintenance at the same time. Let’s face it; people don’t have enough time to take proper care of every plant that they have, growing in their small gardens, especially when they are exposed to heat all the time. So, the artificial lawn is an excellent alternative to natural grass, as it also helps with reducing water waste.

Mediterranean Gardening Association Summer News

Mediterranean Gardening Association Summer NewsFind out all about forthcoming Gardening Events in the Algarve, and of course the eagerly awaited Mediterranean Garden Fair 2019 coming up in October. You can read the Summer Newsletter HERE.

W: www.mediterraneangardeningportugal.org


Impressive Numbers for Mediterranean Garden Fair 2018

Impressive Numbers for Mediterranean Garden Fair 2018The Tenth Anniversary event for the annual autumn garden fair took place on Saturday October 27 in Sao Bras and celebrated the start of the gardening year. We were fortunate to have a dry sunny day following the first few rainy days of the autumn, encouraging everyone to get busy in the garden again.