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Do you know what your Poolpump costs per year??!!We all love our pools. Hardly possible to imagine any home in Algarve without one. Unfortunately many people don’t know that they are one of the biggest running costs of our home.

This is because of the Pool pump which filters to prevent algae blurring your pool. Even when you are not there it needs to filter, especially in summer. The sun in Algarve is 5 times stronger then in the Northern countries, so water heats up more quickly, again stimulating the algae.
Also nowadays sun cream with factor 50 are a standard to protect our skin. This however has an affect on the water quality of the pool, often resulting in the need to filter even more hours.

Carnage at the bins - warning to pet owners!Until recently, a group of ladies, Portuguese and expats, has been feeding a few strays at the waste bins near the A22 Junction 15 roundabout outside Moncarapacho. One of these dogs was a Portuguese Podengo that they had named “Alfaroba” and she had recently given birth. On a regular visit to check on the dogs, one of these ladies then found Alfaroba’s dead body, surrounded by 6 of her healthy pups – still alive. It seems that Alfaroba had been poisoned. The pups were rescued and taken into care by this lady. 

The 2016 Poppy AppealThe Poppy Appeal is currently taking place and ends on Remembrance Sunday 13th November 2016.
The main Remembrance Service in the Algarve will start at 10.50am on this day at St. Luke's Church, Palhagueira, when wreaths will be laid on behalf of the British Community by the British Consul, Mrs. Simona Demuro, and by members of the Royal British Legion.

New initiative launched to enhance public safety awarenessGiven the increasing number and severity of forest fires this year’s Safe Communities Portugal has developed a new initiative aimed at creating greater awareness of the risk of fires, as well as the various weather conditions that increase the risk to public safety.
Entitled “Daily Safety Checks” it encourages people to check each day to ascertain, where there are fires, the daily fire risk, any flooding or other occurrences as well as the UV and weather alerts, so people can adjust their activities accordingly.

A Balanced Interior from EquilibrioPause for a moment when you enter a room for a 180 degree look. If your first impression is “WOW”, there must be something very special about it. What you are seeing conveys a sense of balance, charm, peace, and colour harmony – all amounting to exquisite taste.

How much does your Hot Water cost you ?Many people consider a Solar Water System. So are they saving you money ? Most of these systems have a 300ltr tank, often outside on the roof. And they don’t come cheap, they can cost €2000 to even €4000.

We would think the Sun will heat the water and its free. But there can be a catch: the Hot Water Solar systems need the Heat of the sun, unlike our PV panels which only need the Light !

How can a carer help me at home?Hibiscus offers high quality nursing and healthcare support to individuals in their own home. Established in the Algarve in 2014, we have a dedicated team of fully qualified and experienced nurses and carers who are skilled in nursing and caring for you at home.

How you can run your pool pump for free!Did you know a poolpump could cost up to €900 per year ? 

The new SHS UPAC systems can be up to 1500 watts per hour, so a perfect fit for your poolpump. And no batteries needed!
The SHS UPAC systems start at just  €567, so what are you waiting for?

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