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Avalon steps in after man passes away at airportAvalon, the providers of pre-paid funeral plans, offered professional and compassionate support to the family and friends of Alan McPhail, who passed away unexpectedly last month at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport.

Alan, a Scottish citizen living in Spain, was making a connecting flight to a holiday destination. It fell to close friend, Raymond Kearney, to make contact with Avalon, from whom Alan had purchased a pre-paid funeral plan.

We know what we pay to EDP...but what can we save?Over the last 8 years Portugal had a 50% price increase !! With prices rising yearly, Portugal is one of the most expensive countries for electricity in Europe, and the amounts we pay for your electricity over 15 years are staggering !!

SHS Solar Solutions made a calculation based on a household spending about €200 per month on EDP. Over 15 years they will have paid ……€52,000 !!!

THE GOOD NEWS: Instead they could save €41.000 !!!

New Energy Law offers 'UPAC' systems for smaller budgets!Auto Consumption AND Feed In possible, AND NO Batteries needed -  finally PV Solar Power is accessible for everyone !

Until now it was illegal to have PV power for auto-consumption AND feed back into the grid (FIT). Thanks to the new Portuguese Energy Law (UPAC) you can now have FREE Auto-Consumption AND even feed the excess power back into the grid.

A new revolution in heating - Infrared!SHS Group introduces a revolutionary new heating technology: SHS Infrared Heating.

When the colder season starts we all see our electricity bill rise again. Electric heating is a very expensive luxury nowadays, especially in Portugal. So SHS Heating Solutions introduces: SHS Infrared Heating Panels.

EDP goes up by 3% again AND the vat goes up to 23.25% !!EDP prices are only going up, everybody knows that. Price increasing over the last years will come as no surprise -  over the last 7 years we had a staggering Electricity price increase of 44.7%.

In January EDP will raise the prices again with 3%  and by law they are allowed to increase every 3 months!!

Stop the Silence campaign arrives in PortugalMatthew McVarish, Scottish actor, playwright and musician, European Ambassador for the organization "Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse" has been promoting a walk through 32 European capitals, an awareness campaign against sexual abuse of minors. The campaign is entitled "Road to Change: Walk to Stop the Silence (RTC)", and arrives in Portugal in the week of 26 November to 3 December.

As part of this effort to spread this message in Portugal, Mathew and the team, accompanied by Ambassador British Kirsty Hayes, will perform a walk along the riverside area of Belém in Lisbon  from 14h15 on Thursday 27 November, a journey beginning at the Padrão dos Descobrimentos (near the Museu da Electricidade-Alcantara).

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