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How To Build Emotional Intimacy

HOW TO BUILD EMOTIONAL INTIMACYFor any relationship to thrive, emotional intimacy is crucial. Emotional intimacy means allowing yourself to connect deeply with your significant other through actions that express trust, feelings, and vulnerabilities.

6 Reasons Why You Should Have Regular Deep Cleaning In Your House

6 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE REGULAR DEEP CLEANING IN YOUR HOUSEThere is no doubt that most households attend to their weekly cleaning needs – sweeping and mopping the flooring, changing linen, cleaning the windows, and removing dust from under beds and on window sills. 

Planning A Funeral In The Algarve

PLANNING A FUNERAL IN THE ALGARVEWe all know from our own experience or that of close friends, how traumatic it is to have to cope with paperwork, officials and bureaucracy at a time when we are emotionally vulnerable. And yet, that is precisely the situation that we find ourselves in when there is no funeral plan in place.

How To Keep Your House Items Safe While Having A Major Renovation

OW TO KEEP YOUR HOUSE ITEMS SAFE WHILE HAVING A MAJOR RENOVATIONRenovating your house can bring in a fresh perspective to it. It happens to all of us. You sit there on your sofa looking at the dull walls or age-old cabinets creaking, and then an idea pops up. You decide you want to renovate your house. Change it and tweak it to make the whole appeal more fresh and beautiful. This can be exciting as you think of installing a new kitchen design, adding the luxury bathing tub to your bathroom, and let’s not even get started on the palettes of colours you get to choose from. 

The Feeling of Loss

THE FEELING OF LOSSLoss is a powerful stressor in life; even those going through uncomplicated bereavement are likely to experience many symptoms of anxiety and depression and to undergo physiological changes which reduce the body’s ability to fight off disease. While popular notions suggest a steady and orderly progression of bereavement in stages, people grieve in highly individualised ways.

Water Safety on Holiday & At Home

WATER SAFETY ON HOLIDAY & AT HOMEAs the holiday season approaches, are you, your family and friends aware of the dangers. Each year we see more unavoidable drowning's whilst on holiday. Are you aware aware of the basic principles of water safety whilst home and away. A basic knowledge and understanding of the hazards, can significantly reduce the number of deaths each year.

3 Ways to Get Rid of the Junk from Your Backyard

3 WAYS TO GET RID OF THE JUNK FROM YOUR BACKYARDIt can be pretty stressful when your backyard or your place of business contains tons of junk that continue to clutter the place. However, the more it piles up, the more it gets hard to get fixed and cleaned. The right thing to do is get rid of this mess, so you’ll have more space to work with.

A Simple Guide for Arranging a Cremation

A SIMPLE GUIDE FOR ARRANGING A CREMATIONHas someone in your family recently passed away, and it is up to you to arrange the cremation and funeral service for everyone to attend? Maybe you are the only remaining family member, so you must go through the trouble of arranging a cremation and burial for your recently deceased kin?