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Algarve tourism bodies united under one president

JoaoFernandesRTAJoão Fernandes, the current president of the Algarve Tourism Region has won the election to become the new president of the other regional tourism body, the Algarve Tourism Association, thus able to bring coherence to the objectives and efforts of the two organisations.

The contest was a stiff one with the Algarve Tourism Association’s current president, Carlos Luís, adamant that the boards should be run by two different presidents but a majority of the vote holders disagreed and the Algarve now can be promoted regionally and internationally in harmony.

João Fernandes will take over the Algarve Tourism Association within the next two weeks and commented to Sul Informação that "We will work with a younger and more qualified team. We want to involve more companies in the external promotion of the region," while "making better use of human and financial resources."

Fernandes has breathed some fresh air into the Algarve Tourism Region, often referred to as the Algarve Tourist Board, since the departure of Desidério Silva whose tenure lacked sparkle.

Keen to promote more than ‘sun and sand’ holidays, Fernandes is a proponent of nature tourism and the many out of season opportunities that the region has to offer.


-1 #2 Peter Booker 2018-12-07 08:50
While it is refreshing to see common sense prevail on this issue, as a long term resident I am not particularly keen to see the Algarve as an all-year tourist destination.

Recent experience tells me that the Tourist bodies have not attracted many tourists in November and December (yet), and I revel in the comparative tranquillity.
-2 #1 Charly 2018-12-07 07:07
That's the difference between a "skilled and motivated technician" and "a morbide politician". Hopely one day that will become "the rule" in Portugal...