Two thousand bird boxes installed throughout Algarve to encourage repopulation of rare species

113bird boxThe Algarve will receive about two thousand bird nesting boxes, which will be supervised by the Institute for Nature and Forest Conservation (ICNF). The initiative won the 2018 National Participatory Budget and results from a collaboration between the Vita Nativa Association, based in Olhão, and the Institute for Nature and Forest Conservation (ICNF).

The initiative first took off at the end of July and has since resulted in the signing of a collaborative protocol, safeguarding hundreds of local bird that are threatened with extinction.

This "is a two-year project that is taking place throughout the Municipalities of the Algarve. Over the next few months we will install nest boxes for small species of passerines, such as titmills, and for prey species of small and medium size, such as owls and kestrels", states the Vita Nativa association.

João Tomás, one of those responsible for the project, remarks that "most birds depend on natural cavities to settle and reproduce but, with the changes that have been made in the habitats, this is disappearing". With the implementation of nest boxes, it will be possible "to help foster interest and provide more direct contact with society in relation to birds”.

“Moreover, with a greater number of breeding places available, we will also be promoting the establishment of more birds in the urban environment and contributing to a better balance of ecosystems. “

“This is because the species we want to benefit are known to be excellent friends in the control of biological pests (for example: the pine caterpillar and micromammals)". The project, all in all, includes the installation of nest boxes, the monitoring of their use, with live online transmission of some occupied nests, awareness-raising campaigns, and environmental education at schools. Bird box building workshops are also planned for the future.

The Vita Nativa association concludes that the objective is to involve "the population in general, alongside the various local and regional entities in the Algarve, such as municipalities, tourism boards, farmers, producers, schools, and others".

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