Contractor's arrest causes delay in resurfacing of road in Albufeira

Dr Photo - CONTRACTOR'S ARREST CAUSES DELAY IN RESURFACING OF ROAD IN ALBUFEIRAThe road that connects Guia to Vale Parra, in Albufeira, has been waiting for about four months for the completion of the repaving works, due to problems with the contractor. The latter is imprisoned for matters “parallel to the autarchy" the mayor, José Carlos Rolo said.

The works were intended to repave the road, but the problems with the contractor caused the issue to drag on, according to the mayor, for “four or five months”. Questioned about the state of the road, which is bringing constraints to users, he also said that "the only problem that exists are the broken sewage and water covers", in addition to the road, which is in the process of being repaved.

“The contractor has not finished the work and, within 15 days, there is a 'tidy matter',” said José Carlos Rolo. The situation with the contractor is not linked to his work, but  he has to be replaced.

“This new contractor is already on the job” and work resumed on Thursday, the 26th November. After “four or five months” of waiting, road users will finally see the works being completedFinally, the Mayor of Albufeira apologized "to all road users, as well as ask for their understanding”.

Replacement of lamps generates controversy among citizens

The replacement of lamps between Albufeira-Pêra generated some controversy among residents, who claimed that “the previous ones were in good condition”. The mayor was questioned, to which he replied that this change has to do with the previous lamps, which are “made of marble and are heavy”. If there is an accident, it can be fatal due to the weight of the lamps, which are very old. The Mayor of Albufeira emphasizes that “accidents have already happened and the lamps have fallen on cars and hence the change”.

Faced with economic interests in this change, José Carlos Rolo says that the lamps are exactly the same. What changes is the structure in which they are inserted, for the sake of modernization and security, as mentioned above.

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