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Pet-friendly public spaces implemented throughout Faro city centre

Dr Photo - PET-FRIENDLY PUBLIC SPACES IMPLEMENTED THROUGHOUT FARO CITY CENTREThe Association of Commerce and Services of the Algarve Region (ACRAL), in partnership with the Chamber of Faro, is implementing a route of “pet-friendly” spaces (friendly to animals) in various public spaces in the city of Faro.

The “Pet-Friendly Routes” project, which results from a protocol signed between the Municipality and ACRAL, is currently making available removable drinking fountains and parking points for animals in public spaces, particularly close to commercial establishments.

According to the Faro local authority, "so far, there are already around two dozen 'Pet-Friendly Routes' drinking fountains throughout the city, associated with commercial establishments or institutions in the city that have decided to join this challenge."

The objective of the “Pet-Friendly Routes” is to ensure adequate conditions so that people can comfortably visit the commercial areas of the city accompanied by their pets.

As part of this initiative, ACRAL also launched an awareness campaign with commercial establishments and established protocols in order to ensure that they ensure the maintenance of equipment, as well as the daily provision of fresh water.

The Municipality of Faro states that once again it is associated with another initiative for the protection of animals and recognition of their place and importance in our community. “We have been fighting for animal welfare in the municipality, adopting and implementing various measures such as carrying out projects of capture, sterilisation and rehoming with excellent results, having also been one of the first municipalities in the country to ban the performance of circus shows in public spaces with animals in captivity, or other events that involve animal suffering, which are considered depressing and detrimental to the consideration and respect that we all should have for animals”.

Original article available in Portuguese at http://postal.pt/


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+3 #2 Stuart Wood 2021-06-23 17:26
Can’t fault the intent, but John is right that there are so many other more fundamental societal pet related issues to address before going the high visibility (and easy!) route hoping to score some quick points.
+3 #1 John Martindale 2021-06-23 14:58
“pet-friendly” spaces, what a joke, what country are you in, they should implement a dog training class for their owners, more dog poo, more dog barking, all normal here, and no regards for the dogs welfare, no vet visits, no microchip no proper canine diet, just eat the scraps, delusional society.

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