Portuguese Bonnie & Clyde arrested at McDonald's

PORTUGUESE BONNIE & CLYDE ARRESTED AT MACDONALD'SThe 42 and 40 year old couple suspected of violent robberies at at service stations throughout the Algarve and Spain, and some homicides, were arrested while eating their hamburger at a McDonald's in Zamora, northern Spain.

For a few days now, their faces had been released by the Guardia Civil and the notoriety achieved by the duo, already dubbed by some media as the Portuguese “Bonnie & Clyde”, quickly spread from the Portuguese border to Spain.

They were recognized by some customers who were in the fast food chain's restaurant. Oone of the customers who recognized the man and woman immediately called the Guardia Civil, which in turn alerted the National Police with a description of the clothes they were wearing and their location.

The arrest was made without resistance and the couple were taken to the Police station in Zamora, where they will be in detention until they are heard by an investigating judge, to define their sentence.

The route of crimes between Portugal and Spain began in July 2022. The Judiciary Police suspects that the male element of the pair participated in the murder of three members of a family in Bragança.

At about the same time, the couple was filmed by CCTV cameras at a service station in Faro, Algarve, threatening employees with a knife and stealing money from the cashier.

From the south of Portugal, they passed to the south of Spain and in Badajoz they robbed two service stations at the beginning of August. There followed a violent robbery at a fuel pump in Cazalegas (Toledo), plus as they  escaped they caused a traffic accident.

From there they travelled to Madrid, where last Wednesday they stole a car that would be used for another robbery at a service station in Badajoz.

Their violent modus operandi led the Guardia Civil to issue a warning about the couple, considered dangerous, on August 10th. The warning reads, “We ask for cooperation in locating 2 persons, considered dangerous, of Portuguese nationality related to 4 robberies at service stations in the provinces of Toledo, Badajoz and Seville, a 42-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman.”

After being arrested in Zamora, the Guardia Civil published a tweet about the two Portuguese: “Thanks to the cooperation of citizens, the two wanted people were arrested in Zamora. Thanks so much for your help!"

Source https://postal.pt/


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