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Police detain 13 people in mega anti drug trafficking operation

POLICE DETAIN 13 PEOPLE IN MEGA ANTI DRUG TRAFFICKING OPERATIONThe Portimão PSP have arrested 11 men and 2 women, between 21 and 66 years of age for drug trafficking and possession of a prohibited weapon, in a mega anti drug trafficking operation.

The operation lasted about 20 hours, with 32 search warrants being carried out in the municipalities of Portimão, Lagos and Olhão and in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area.

These arrests followed an investigation carried out over the last year by the Criminal Investigation Squadron of Portimão together with the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the PSP in Lagos, under the direction of the Public Ministry of Portimão.

According to a statement from the District Command of the PSP of Faro, “various elements of evidence were discovered, which support that the suspects are dedicated to the practice of this crime on a repeated basis, especially in the form of direct sales to the consumer, including sales in nightlife establishements and festivals in the Algarve”.

The operation, carried out on Monday, lasted about 20 hours, adn resulted in “the seizure of more than 4 kilos of narcotic products, consisiting 6775 doses of ecstasy, 5868 doses of hashish, 1809 doses of cocaine, 512 doses of cannabis, 425 doses of heroin, various items of weighing, packaging and cutting equipment for narcotic products, €28,602.70 in cash, 4 firearms and 185 bullets”.


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