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Tractor crash leaves man dead on a rural path in Albufeira

TRACTOR CRASH LEAVES MAN DEAD ON A RURAL PATH IN ALBUFEIRAA man in his 70's died yesterday following an accident in his agricultural tractor on a rural track in Vale da Ursa, Albufeira.

According to a source from Faro's District Relief Operations Command (CDOS), the accident occurred on a rural road, in the Vale da Ursa area, in the parish of Guia, with the alert being given at 11:32 am.

The victim, a man aged around 70, was declared dead on the spot by the ambulance team from the National Institute of Medical Emergencies (INEM).

The causes that led to the tractor overturning, which resulted in the driver's death, will be investigated by the Núcleo de Investigação Criminal de Acidentes de Viação (NICAV) of the National Republican Guard (GNR).

Source https://postal.pt/


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