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Albufeira Council workers are exempted from working on their birthday

ALBUFEIRA COUNCIL WORKERS ARE EXEMPTED FROM WORKING ON THEIR BIRTHDAYThe Municipality of Albufeira, along with four workers unions, have formalised an agreement that council workers will be exempt from working on their birthday, to promote a feeling of well-being in the workplace.
The Albufeira council and four Civil Service workers' unions: STAL, STE, SINTAP and STFPSSRA, formalized agreements which aim to integrate overtime, the annual limit on hours of overtime work, the amount of vacation period allowed, dismissals and justified absences, municipal bank holidays and days off on workers' birthdays. 
José Carlos Rolo, Mayor of Albufeira, said that “the municipality's concern for workers is a constant, so the attribution of the 'birthday waiver' in this agreement was a unanimous decision”.
Cláudia Guedelha, councilor of the City Council and responsible for Human Resources, commented that “the unions, as well as human resources, are an agreement”, further emphasizing that “it is a priority for the municipality to attend to all employers and make sure that there is well-being in the workplace”.
Carlos Cabral, from SINTAP, congratulated the Chamber for its “effort to enhance workers' rights”, while Teresa Garcês, from STFPSSRA, said she hoped for “continuity of dialogue” between all parties. Bruno Luz, from STAL, thanked the council for their “cooperation”, explaining that getting the day off on a birthday without loss of pay “was one of the biggest demands for a long time”, for which “we can well say that it was a victory of the workers". 
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