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UK passport application fees set to rise from 2nd February 2023

UK PASSPORT APPLICATION FEES SET TO RISE FROM 2ND FEBRUARY 2023With UK passport application fees set to rise from 2nd February 2023, if you need to renew yours soon, do it now to save money!

This is the first time in five years that the UK has increased the cost of applying for a passport. The government says the new fees will help reduce the reliance on taxpayer money to fund and improve the service. As well as contributing to the cost of processing applications, the fees will support consular services overseas, like replacing lost or stolen passports, and the processing of British citizens at UK borders.

The increased fees will apply to both new passport applications and renewals.

The proposals, which are subject to Parliamentary scrutiny, see the fee for a standard online passport application made from within the UK rise from £75.50 (€85) to £82.50 (€93) for adults, and from £49 (€55) to £53.50 (€60) for children.

Postal applications will increase from £85 (€96) to £93 (€105) for adults, and £58.50 (€66) to £64 (€72) for children.

Source https://www.euronews.com

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