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Sagres: Young German woman falls to her death

SAGRES: YOUNG GERMAN WOMAN FALLS TO HER DEATHA 26 year old German woman died yesterday afternoon, after falling 40 metres from a cliff on Rebolinhos beach, in Sagres.

According to the captain of the Port of Lagos, Hugo da Guia, the alert given around 1:30 pm, when the womans body was found by a member of the public.

Given the difficulty in accessing the cove by land, a boat was sent from the Sagres Lifeguard Station to provide assistance. The crew found confirmed the woman showed no signs of life, but the body was rescued and taken to Porto da Baleeira, in Sagres, where the doctor from the National Institute of Medical Emergency ( INEM) confirmed the death.

Information collected by the authorities "indicate that it was an accidental fall from a height of around 40 metres".

The womans body was transported to the forensic medicine office at Portimão Hospital, where it will undergo an autopsy.

Source Lusa

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