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airportdropoffPortugal’s airports operator ANA is running a full page advert in the national press this week to explain its side of the debate over its new car rental tax imposed as from April 1st, claiming that all interested parties were informed of the proposal and were asked for their opinions - but no negative ones were forthcoming.

ANA say that meetings were held with local councils, the national tourist board and local police representatives to explain that by imposing a €10 to €17 ‘per rental’ tax it could improve the customer experience and do away with car rental contracts being signed in the airport’s cafes.

gannon“To cut a long story short, the public prosecutor said that Ellie should live with her mother in Ireland”

Candice Gannon is stunned and elated as the news sinks in that Portugal’s court system at last seems to accept that the treatment of her familiy has been little short of abusive, seeing Ellie Silva forced to play a central role in a nasty adult game of legal tennis.

euromillions2Police in Loulé have identified and arrested a Banco Popular account manager on suspicion of swindling “more than a million euros from customers.”

The scam has been going on since 2001. The defendant is accused of writing out customer cheques and depositing them in his own bank account and therefore stealing the amounts over a long period, according to a police statement .