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Driving license exchange - round and round in circles!

DRIVING LICENSE EXCHANGE - ROUND AND ROUND IN CIRCLES!I applied to exchange my driving license in 2020. I emailed the required form and received an email receipt and waited.  Then COVID, so I waited. Then I heard there was a backlog, so I waited some more.

By Christmas 2021 I had forgotten all about it, until July 2022, when I was stopped by the GNR. I explained the situation and they were sympathetic and asked me to go to the IMT and ask for my license, which I did.

When I explained what had gone on, the staff at the IMT told me my original application had no attachment, so I asked if I could apply there and then. I was told it had to be done online, so I sent all the info off, and was then told my medical was out of date.

So, I paid for a new medical, sent it off and was then told one side of my residency was missing, I corrected that and sent it all off only to be told my license had expired and because I had applied three times I had to fill out a different form, which is all in Portuguese and I don't read Portuguese.

I wonder what would happen if it was a Portuguese person in the same situation. I am currently in contact with a solicitor to see if he can sort anything out , he tells me I'm not the only one in this situation.

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+1 #1 Rolf 2022-11-13 19:37
I contacted the imt well over a year ago and submitted everything as requested. I had fairly quickly a reply that all was done as demanded and I would hear from IMT and no action to be taken at the time. After 1 year I emailed them to get an update. And that was the end of the story for now. I am sure o am not the only one and by the way my drivers license is not even a British one, actually it is an EU one.

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