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The Collapse of the EU - Part 2

THE COLLAPSE OF THE EU - PART 2Many people are surprised by the hate between leaders and extremists, as in Brazil, Ukraine and Korea. In many countries, as in Sweden, Austria, the UK, governments do not have sufficient support in the parliament to make true what they promised in their election-campaigns. They and banks lie about the future.

1. Many years ago, one of the reasons for the financial crash in 1929, was the speculation, a concept of pyramidal business. After Perestroika the same happened in Russia and later in Brazil. If you save $1k each of 10 months to borrow $30k after 10 months, the bosses’ capital is null, as more people will be entering their savings in your trust. Not being a bank, agencies will not control you the same way. In 1996 in Russia, a million people lost billions. In Brazil “golpe do Baú” let an Italian lad disappear in 2004/5 with US$ 2 billions of people who trusted his advertising. In Portugal, Banco Espirito Santo let their agencies lie about shares, 90 thousand lost their lifes´ savings. Didn´t the Central Bank know that?

Bit-coins? Huge share rise in 2-3 years; then? People will distrust BCE&UE!

2. The EU promised Ukraine some €14 billion to reconstruct it, as soon there is a non-aggression agreement, which may come last days of 2022. With current inflation, there is no way to raise taxes. Many small countries protest inside the EU that countries as Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy are not using EU-support to increase their competitiveness in order to crunch the gap between rich and poor countries. Most of the ear-marked EU money is not coming to the best projects. A major part of it is not used within the time-limit. We risk the EU using those resources to redirect them to Ukraine. If so, the gap between poor and rich will increase coming years, opposed to what politicians promised.

3. The huge inflation expected in coming years and raised interest rates will make those governments borrow more money from large foreign banks. As earlier, rating agencies who now give Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece a good rating, will class some BB- which will bring the current €8 billion/year paid by Portugal, raise to some €24 billion or more, which will bring a collapse to this economy and a new Troika, as a decade ago.

4. The then most profitable and promised monopolies as Post, AirPortugal, Port Telecom, airports, etc where sold to foreign funds with none, or limited experience of those businesses. That money should be used to lower public debt. Did it? Now most of oligopolies where Iberian & Italian governments have a strong position, as railroads, metro, radio&TV, hospitals, will be sold for cents and the citizens will have much worse services.

5. To get more private benefits or more power, some politicians exchange seats between ministries, speculative investment funds and the EU-commanding; with clear losses to the populations and benefits to those funds. As the PM of the Netherlands, the former PM of Italy, the former Vice-PM of Portugal. This distrusts central banks, and the EU.

6. The positive development of the Nordic countries and a few others which are in the EU but not in the Euro and the way small countries lost competitiveness by joining the Euro, indicates that a new gathering of them for major changes in the ECB may create a significant fight in the EU.

7. Central-banks are buying hundreds of Tons of gold, as they expect a major recession in Europe and millions of enterprises and a few banks to bankrupt. This will raise the conflict between the three dominant voters in the EU, Nederlands+France+Germany vs small countries. These latter may veto issues which need total agreement, as the entrance of Ukraine.


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