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Algarve: Nobel-laureats in Economics

ALGARVE: NOBEL-LAUREATS IN ECONOMICSThe main question was “how much more you would earn if you chose to study longer?” A strange comparison? Lets see! 

Studying Master Of Law In Portugal: Best Opportunities For UK Students

STUDYING MASTER OF LAW IN PORTUGAL: BEST OPPORTUNITIES FOR UK STUDENTSPortugal is one of the most popular destinations for students looking to study abroad. This is because they are highly focused on research and collaborations with important research centers across the world. As UK students, you have various opportunities to take on internships and local jobs to earn money and a chance to learn Portuguese, which is a major language.

Secondary Education in The United States for Foreigners

SECONDARY EDUCATION IN THE UNITED STATES FOR FOREIGNERSWhile for some studying in the U.S. is a dream come true, for others it’s an unwise decision. The American educational system for high-schoolers is not the brightest, according to many sources. In fact, secondary level Americans lack excellent academic achievement and perform worse, on average, than most students worldwide.

Our latest Edubirdie review by professional writers

OUR LATEST EDUBIRDIE REVIEW BY PROFESSIONAL WRITERSWhat is Edubirdie? Edubirdie is a top-rated custom writing service that helps students complete their assignments for moderate prices.

School Education in the USA

SCHOOL EDUCATION IN THE USAThe American education system has come a long way over the years, and with the advent of online learning, it has become easier for students to access academic resources and services. One such service is hiring an essay writer or taking a class through an online platform. While these services may seem like an easy solution for students struggling with their coursework, they come with their own set of challenges and ethical considerations. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of hiring an essay writer or take my class for me for students in the USA.

8 Things to consider when writing your assignment

8 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN WRITING YOUR ASSIGNMENTAssignments are meant to score you good marks. Assignments are assigned by the professors to their students in order to check and examine how much they have learned and gathered experience. As we all know, an assignment is a task or a piece of work allocated to someone as a part of a job or a course study.

Student from Colégio Internacional de Vilamoura awarded in a National Geographic competition

Aristide BoileauAristide Boileau, a Year 4 student from Colégio Internacional de Vilamoura (CIV), was distinguished by the National Geographic Learning Team in the "Think Like a Plastic Detective" competition (part of Project Exploration 2.0) with his project for a water purification machine, created from recyclable materials.

Reforming Schools Is A Way To Shame The Devil

REFORMING SCHOOLS IS A WAY TO SHAME THE DEVILA couple of years ago I had dinner with a group of journalists at the Canterbury Marlowe Theatre, that would offer me a piece of information I'd never forget.