News in Google Ads by Clarity

News in Google Ads by ClarityA new Performance Planner tool is now available for all advertisers.

This new tool is designed to help plan the monthly budget for existing campaigns and predict how any change may affect its clicks, conversions, CPC or other metrics, thus helping finding that perfect balance between the investment and the desired result.

To calculate the forecast, the Performance Planner will use the historical data from your running campaigns, as well as the auction data.
You can create a new budget plan for an existing campaign and assess if the predicted change in the result (clicks or conversions) justifies a potential change in the budget.
You also get a Compare Tab, where Google Ads will feature a comparison between your settings in the past vs. your existing settings vs. your future prediction if you apply the change.
However, once you find out how you need to change the budget, you cannot apply that change directly from the Performance Tool, you need to do it manually or download the file with the changes and then upload it to Google Ads Editor Program.

But keep in mind that this tool is not suitable to calculate the initial budget for the newly created campaigns. Furthermore, not all of your existing campaigns will be eligible for this tool as:

- The campaign should be active for at least 72 hours;
- In the last 7 days the campaign should have received at least 3 clicks or, if it focuses on conversions, at least 1 conversion;
- The tool works only with the following bidding strategies: manual CPC, enhanced CPC, target CPA, maximise clicks or maximise conversions.

It looks like this is the perfect time for you to analyse the Google Ads campaigns you’re currently running and maybe start reallocating your budget to get the best results possible.

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