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Fantastic offer!

Beat inflation, and move your savings € away from banks and into into land!
Labd is now the Best and safest investment! Land is now GOLD!

I offer Opportunity to get on the Bulgarian property market, cheaply, and quickly! Hassle free!

And convert your cash now into land! To beat inflation! Soon paper money will be worthless! Buy land now and protect your wealth and savings!

I’m British owner, selling fantastic plot of land in scenic romantic Bulgarian village close to the coastal town of varna Bulgaria,
Water, and electric on the property,
Village located only 50 km from the black sea coast, varna, 35 km from varna airport,

The property is a Building plot, with a ruin, and horse stables, and comes with a huge 2880 SQM garden plot of land for growing agriculture, food, herbs, flowers, whatever you want! To be self sufficient, Bulgaria is a great place to start your own business, or easily find work if you are a tradesman or have building or other skills.

There are also some other expats already living in the village, that have built or renovated ruins.
Bulgaria is now the best location to live in the EU, one reason is, it has lowest income tax rate in the EU!
With Only 10% corporate income tax, and 10% personal income tax rate!
This Makes Bulgaria now the best place to live and start a business!
Plus cheap labour costs, and lower cost of living,
Build a new house, or better make a container house, or cabin,
I can help you with all advice you need, I have all contacts in Bulgaria.
I have lawyer in bulgaria varna, and he has my legal power of attorney, he can organise everything to make the sale, and make your new start in Bulgaria easy!

Also, Contact me for a FREE ebook, on Bulgaria, live in Bulgaria and and enjoybthe lowest tax rate in the EU! 10% private and corporate!

Email or call me,

Nice day to you :)


Email: bigwest99@icloud.com
Bulgaria 12500 € - Building plot 2880 SQM stables & Ruin!