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Mature married couple (m. 64 - f. 61) is looking for a long term position as caretakers (at least one year but we would gladly consider a permanent engagement). We would take care of your property, your beloved pets (long experience with horses too) and your garden. 24 hours security service, reasonable prices (from 0€/day). We speak fluently 5 languages (E, D, I, P, F), we are an experienced (30 years) macrobiotic cooking team and have a vast experience in alternative healing methods and remedies (among other things Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient Japanese self healing method, Polarity Energy Balancing treatments, Bach Remedies, Schüßler's Salts, CDL/CDS, homeopathy etc.), great passion for (organic) gardening. References available.
Pls. mail for more details and conditions.


Barão São João
Email: guj526@tutanota.com