Have you ever heard of Nattō? Without any doubt Nattō is the king amongst the so called super foods: to explain about its benefits would be a lenghty matter therefore, please, let Mr. Google help you... There are plenty of links about Nattō in internet. Its main "job" is to regenerate the intestinal flora and preventing and healing of osteoporosis and and and...
Nattō is made with fermented soybeans and is a probiotic food. When eating soy, it’s best to stick to fermented varieties like Nattō, Tempeh and Miso. Not only do these probiotic foods contain a lower amount of antinutrients and other harmful compounds, but they are also higher in beneficial bacteria for your gut and contain a long list of potential health benefits.
I make organic Nattō of excellent quality, available fresh by order (you can keep it about 14 days or even longer in the fridge) or frozen.
25 to 30 gr. a day are enough to boost your immune system and achieve good health and well-being. Nattō is a probiotic food and this is especially good news for vegetarians and vegans because natto is one of the few plant-based sources of the (rare) vitamin K2 MK-7. Sold by weight - 100gr=3€


Organic NATTO