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Innovations For Portugal

INNOVATIONS FOR PORTUGALRobert Stirling made his heat-saver in 1816. He used less fuel compared to the existing steam engines. He pumped water out from a quarry. A float moves the enclosed air between the hot and cold ends of the immersed cylinder, in a closed cycle, with external heat.

Citizens appeal to Mayor of Lagos to save the Ponta de Piedade cliffs

CITIZENS APPEAL TO MAYOR OF LAGOS TO SAVE THE PONTA DE PIEDADE CLIFFSLeading citizens of the Portuguese resort town of Lagos, last week petitioned their mMyor to save one of the region’s best known natural attractions, the cliffs of Ponta da Piedade in Algarve, from disastrous private development. This is the latest step in a broad, grassroots campaign initiated by local author Jonathan Silva.

Science: Coastal Portugal 2030

Science: Coastal PortugalThe main objective with some sciences is to preview what may happen, so that government and people can prevent disasters. Hundreds of scientific groups publish reports on what will come. McKinsey applies these reports.

Better Use Of Wave Energy

BETTER USE OF WAVE ENERGYFor twenty years this technique has been available. Many surveys showed best areas in the EU would be in Scotland and Northern Portugal. A floating unit was installed close to Viana do Castelo, with good results. But the energy monopoly then stopped money for the maintenance of the equipment, which rusted and broke down.

Stop the war on nature!

STOP THE WAR ON NATURE!Portuguese citizens, elderly and young, are at the fore-front of crucial efforts to tackle the greatest danger facing life on our planet: climate change.

Portugal and Canada to fire up Blue Economy with transatlantic conference

PORTUGAL AND CANADA TO FIRE UP BLUE ECONOMY WITH TRANSATLANTIC CONFERENCEMarine industry experts from Portugal and Canada are staging a special Blue Economy conference to spark transatlantic business growth.

Environment Post-CV19

ENVIRONMENT POST-CV19Scientists publish many reports each day, almost always ignored by the government that pays them. It's time to move ahead. Victor Jorge, a Professor in Portugal, wrote in the book RESSURGIR:

“The European Ecological Pact, PEC, of ​​Dec/19, aims at sustainability, turning environmental challenges into opportunities...

Toxic trouble: Huelva's radioactive waste

Toxic trouble: Huelva's radioactive wasteThe Spanish town of Huelva, located just 50km from the Portuguese border, could be swamped by tons of toxic residue if the dam breaks. The company producing the waste says it has a plan, but locals want a complete clean-up. Santiago Sáez reports from Huelva.