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Environment Post-CV19

ENVIRONMENT POST-CV19Scientists publish many reports each day, almost always ignored by the government that pays them. It's time to move ahead. Victor Jorge, a Professor in Portugal, wrote in the book RESSURGIR:

“The European Ecological Pact, PEC, of ​​Dec/19, aims at sustainability, turning environmental challenges into opportunities...

Toxic trouble: Huelva's radioactive waste

Toxic trouble: Huelva's radioactive wasteThe Spanish town of Huelva, located just 50km from the Portuguese border, could be swamped by tons of toxic residue if the dam breaks. The company producing the waste says it has a plan, but locals want a complete clean-up. Santiago Sáez reports from Huelva.

First Class Renewable Energy Systems - Pool Heating, Water Heaters & Ventilation

Gudenergy - First-class Renewable Energy SystemsAre you thinking about heating the water in your swimming pool but still don't know what type of equipment to choose? The ideal would be to opt for an efficient, durable and energy-saving system. It should also be practical, environmentally friendly and free from damage or maintenance, right? We have the heating system you are looking for!

Recycling reaches record levels

Recycling reaches record levelsThe increase in the amount of materials recycled in Portugal last year peaked at extraordinary highs. The latest statistics reveal that the overall level increased by 10% compared to the 2018 figures.
TheMayor.EU portal for European cities and citizens has described the increase as “staggering”. It says that “Portugal is well on its way to achieving its sustainability and recycling targets.”

Can a battery contain all the emotion of a Porsche?

Can a battery contain all the emotion of a Porsche?Yes, it can and those who were present at Faro Porsche Centre, on 28th February, to assist the outstanding launch of the brand new TAYCAN Turbo S, were able to look closely how the most recent propulsion technology is capable of taking us from 0 to 100km/h in only 2.8 seconds, wrapped in the emotion and the pleasure of driving which only a Porsche is able to provide.

Electric busses... a viable option for the Algarve?

Electric busses... a viable option for the Algarve?In May 2019, 43 electric buses began to run in Amiens, France. They carry 151 passengers, make three routes from downtown, the racecourse, the fair hall, hospital / university, railway stations and residential areas. Some route sections are exclusive lanes with priority at traffic lights. They run from 4am to midnight. They arrive every 8 minutes.

Portuguese-led study shows how crabs, prawns and algae may solve global plastic crisis

INL CleanroomNew advances in ‘marine-based’ biotechnology involving algae, crabs and prawns could help tackle the global plastic crisis, according to a major EU study.

A detailed report released today by a consortium of leading European scientists shows that biodegradable biopolymers created from the sea have the potential to compete with traditional plastics - while crucially offering a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Coastal crisis looming

Coastal crisis loomingLatest estimates warn that many coastal cities, towns, villages and resorts in mainland Portugal are likely to become increasingly vulnerable to flooding or total destruction by sea levels that are rising far faster than expected.

The latest evaluation of data on rising sea levels has tripled previous estimates of vulnerability in coastal areas around the world.