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Central Portugal wildfires - funding appeal for Natural Education and Community Project

fireforestFolha Verde - Natural Education and Community Project

After the devastating wildfires that struck a large region of Central Portugal in October 2017, the community in the mountains surrounding Benfeita transform an old traditional Olive press building into a community and education center to rise from the ashes again.

Rise for Climate, we have to do something, now

chimneysSmokingSaturday 8th September was a day of global action in over 80 countries, to exert pressure on governments to act with urgency to mitigate the effects of climate change. This action, led by Rise for Climate, aims to flip the balance of power between civil society and politicians.

Saturday`s marches in cities all over the world will precede the Global Climate Action Summit opening in San Francisco on 12th September. The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, who is backing the summit, has said “we have to do something, and we can do it.”

Herdade da Comporta should be nationalised - not sold-off

ComportaAerialPortuguese environmental organisation, ZERO, wants to halt the sale of the Herdade da Comporta Estate, once referred to as the 'Jewel in the Crown' of the Espírito Santo clan and take its 12,500 hectares into State ownership.

The directors of the fund that manages Herdade da Comporta is scheduled to meet on July 27th to look at current offers for the estate but ZERO has expressed serious doubts about any hasty sale of the property.

Azores microgrid gets government go-ahead

WindmillsAzoresGraciólica Lda’s microgrid power facility receives production license from Regional Secretary of Energy, Environment and Tourism of Azores.

Graciólica Lda and its EMS provider Greensmith Energy, a Wärtsilä company, are proud to announce that the Graciosa project company, Graciólica Lda, has received its production license from the Regional Secretary of Energy, Environment and Tourism of Azores, Mrs. Marta Isabel Vieira Guerreiro. The announcement was made during her visit of Graciólica hybrid plant on July 11, 2018.

'Monoculture - an outdated model' - ECO123 looks at the western Algarve's avocado problem

avocadoThe mechanical world view of things presupposes simple linear mathematical thinking. Primary school maths, year 3: taking the example of an area measuring 100 metres by 100 metres, which makes 10,000 square metres or one hectare, an agro-industrial farmer harvests around ten tonnes of fruit from the area of one hectare.

Art exhibition to raise funds for Terra Saudável's fight against avocado monoculture

avocadoThe artists of Barão de São João and Terra Saudável this year are reflecting on environmental issues in more direct, sometimes more sarcastic tone, in an exhibition titled, BiodiversidARTE.

The exhibition of works from the artists of Barão de São João, an event in the Lagos village that happens every year around the time of the feast of São João, can be viewed from 18.30 on June 22nd.

Portugal's MPs to demand environment assessment of Spanish uranium mine

spanishflagAn all party resolution is being drafted by Portugal's Foreign Affairs Committee to question the licensing of a uranium mine over the border in Retortillo, Salamanca.

Calling for an environmental impact assessment of the mining project, mainly because the mine is in an area through which a stream flows and ends up in a tributary of the Douro, the mine is opposed by environmentalists in both countries.

All Energy Saving Concepts Under One Roof!

All Energy Saving Concepts Under One Roof!The Algarve is a beautiful place for many reasons, with the best climate in Europe.

Kenneth Grondijs, owner of SHS Solar Solutions and founder of Sustainable Superstore says:

With 320 days of sunshine and 5 times more light then the north of Europe we are in the best position to make maximum use of free energy. More and more people want to be sustainable. Not only our climate changes, also laws and rules that concern everything we do: energy and consumption go hand in hand.”