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Living in harmony - free for a 5 year periodLiving in harmony with nature at The Green Man Hotel at Torvec, (The Odeleite River Valley Eco Centre) we have an exclusive for ADN readers, a new shareholding offer available with a low cost living opportunity for a small number of committed individuals or couples, looking for the healthier living lifestyle that Torvec can provide with it's beautiful river valley location, and pollution free environment.

The free living for life offer which we were promoting some time ago has now been withdrawn, it would appear that a free living for life opportunity was too good to be true for most people, so this new opportunity is no longer going to be “free for life” rather only free for a 5 year period, except for the working shareholder plan which is a more open-ended opportunity and free for as long as required.

SHS Lithium Battery Solutions versus TESLA PowerwallAlthough TESLA promised to deliver a 3-phase Powerwall in July last year, they could only provide a single-phase version. Promises to have it by end of 2017 also failed, still nothing has happened.
After waiting for more then 1 year it seems TESLA is not going to offer the 3-phase Powerwall in Portugal anytime soon. What is the problem?

VILA VITA Parc reduces its water consumptionVILA VITA Parc reduces its water consumption in 85% through an innovative desalination process.

Always at the forefront of ecological initiatives and certified as an Eco-Hotel since 2015 by the TÜV Rheinland Group, VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa has invested in the implementation of an environmentally friendly sea water desalination process, with the intention of substantially reducing its consumption of water from the public network and creating a future situation of self-sufficiency. This process will also allow VILA VITA Parc to extract its own salt, thus creating further benefits, benefiting the resort’s 10 restaurants.

FireLeiriaSmallCarsPresident Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is right to say that it is important to avoid forest fires. Fires cost many lives and about five billion euros a year, writes Jack Soifer.

However the story has been repeated over the past twenty years; showing that this is a basic problem that can not be solved simply by improving command management, firefighters' qualifications and more equipment.

forrestBack in June 22nd, days after the devastating fires at Pedrógão Grande , Jorge Paiva, botanist, teacher and one of the country´s leading authorities on forests, criticised the general disinterest of politicians in the problems in forestry during an interview on Antena 1.

Jorge Paiva said that the last politician who actually listened to him was Mário Soares - he listened, argued and even wrote articles on environmental issues.

fireBombeirosSmallWhile statistics show that the world is actually somewhat more sane and under control than we might think, the deadly natural disasters we have seen lately really are making us feel otherwise.

The latest is a series of wildfires in Portugal and northern Spain, as strong winds “from a hurricane fanned hundreds of blazes sweeping across densely forested territory,” reports The New York Times:

RebeloSousaOctIn a vigorous televised address to the nation, Portugal’s President has challenged Prime Minister Antonio Costa over this year’s second series of terrible fires, in which 41 people have died.

Insisting that ‘enough is enough’, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has demanded that immediate changes be made to Portugal’s chaotic forest and fire prevention policies and invited the Portuguese parliament to decide on the government’s future in a no-confidence motion.