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How did Portugal's European MPs vote on Fracking?

frackingNOEuro-MPs voted on 2 February 2016 to urge member states not to allow any new hydraulic fracturing operations, and although the vote is not legally binding, nonetheless opponents of fracking described it as a significant victory for the anti-fracking movement in Europe.

Antoine Simon, a campaigner for the Economic Justice Programme, said:

“This is the very first time that the European Parliament has made officially such a strong statement against fracking.” “It was an opinion report without any legally binding authority and it only targets new projects but it is still a very symbolic victory.”

'Enough is enough' the Algarve needs to go solar

leonardodicaprio"Enough is Enough!" Leonardo di Caprio demanded at the World Economic Forum that greedy oil companies and weak governments leave fossil fuels where they are - under the ground.

Tavira em Transição calls on AMAL, the association of Algarve Mayors to take up this call.

The Lisbon government has shown complete disregard for the Algarve region and its people, by signing contracts for oil and gas exploitation, putting at risk the environment and livelihoods of this natural wonder.

Portugal in global climate risk top 20

droughtPortugal was among the 20 countries in the world most affected by global warming over the past 20 years, according to a Global Climate Risk Index report presented at the climate change conference in Paris.

“The Index indicates the level of exposure and vulnerability to extreme events that countries should understand as a warning to be prepared for more frequent and more severe events in the future,” says the report.

Climate change - the view from Tavira

eonAt a meeting in Tavira this past weekend, local resident spoke of his personal strategy to make an impact on waste, the environment and health in the lead up to the COP21 Climate Change conference in Paris starting today.

 "I have been living in retirement here in Tavira for the past 6 years.

Sustainable Superstore opens in Almancil

Sustainable Superstore opens in AlmancilSHS Solar Solutions, with 5 partners, has now opened the “SUSTAINABLE SUPERSTORE” in Amancil - All of your Energy Saving Concepts under one roof !

• Are you building a sustainable home ?
• Do you need to cut back energy costs ?
• Does your home need insulation ?
• Changing to LED lighting ?

Sustainable Superstore in Almancil will have all Sustainable and Renewable disciplines under one roof.

Food advocacy group to sue FDA over controversial approval of GMO salmon

statueoflibertyOpposition against the USA's Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of the first genetically engineered food animal, AquaBounty’s GMO salmon, is fiercely mounting.

The Center for Food Safety, a non-profit organization, announced plans to sue the federal agency. Grocery store chains around the country have also made commitments to not sell the controversial fish.

Storms remove new sand from controversial Dona Ana beach

donaanaDona Ana beach in Lagos, stripped of its Gold Quality status by environmental organisation Quercus, has been stripped of much of its new sand by heavy seas over the past week.

This summer's €1.8 million project to increase the size of the sand area at Dona Ana beach managed to “significantly alter the beach’s natural landscape” and also “jeopardised the conservation of highly diversified marine ecosystems,” according to the organisation as 140,000m3 of sand was added.

Support Praia Dona Ana and Via Algarviana

Support Praia Dona Ana and Via AlgarvianaAlmargem are asking for your help and support to fund their campaigns on the devastation of the beach environment at Dona Ana, and also the lack of support from the local Camaras for the Via Algarviana.

Regardless of the difficulties it has experienced over recent years, Almargem Association has sought to stay along the path traced from its foundation in 1988 and that is guided by two main outlines:

- strive for a more ecologically balanced future for the Algarve, defending its natural and cultural heritage, denouncing the aggressions from what it has been the target or trying to avoid that they happen;
- contribute to the sustainable development of the Algarve by proposing or deploying projects aimed at increasing environmental awareness and improving economic conditions in the most deprived and desertified areas.