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Algarve Consumer Dispute Resolution CentreCIMAAL - Algarve Consumer Dispute Resolution Centre. Who we are: We are an alternative dispute resolution centre for consumer disputes in the Algarve, authorised by the Portuguese Ministry of Justice, and held by a non-profit association.

What we do: We give information to consumers and professionals, mediation in disputes and endeavor to secure agreement between parties; Chaired by a single Arbitrator appointed by the High Council of the Judiciary, judgments are delivered in accordance with established law or following the principle of equity, with the agreement of both parties.

praiadaluzNews of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann seems to be going round in circles. ‘Revelations’ turn out to be old stories recycled. ‘Key suspects’ come and go and are then brought back again. ‘New leads’ seem to be leading nowhere.  

The Mirror yesterday (March 25) declared: “Mirror investigation reveals that sicko David Reid was hiding in the Algarve at the time Madeleine McCann was taken from Praia da Luz.” The Daily Mail followed with much the same story today.

gannonEvora Court’s decision in the Ellie Silva kidnapping case has astounded those following the case as clear evidence of corruption of a public official simply has been ignored.

This Evora decision was reached after 8 months of investigations under the ‘secret justice’ regime and clearly shows the full extent of the involvement of an employee of the Albufeira public prosecution service who was caught red-handed offering advice on the phone to Filipe Silva.

Driving in PortugalLaw 72/2013 brought some additions to The Portuguese Highway Code which came into force on the 1st January 2014. There are several changes included in the code covering (amongst other things) alcohol levels (for professional and new drivers), drug tests and speed limits, but there are some major changes that will affect most people and which do not come with road signs to warn you.

Europ and UsOn Friday 10th January the House of Lords debated the EU(Referendum Bill). This Bill may never see the light of day, because the Lords’ debate may well run it out of time.

The Bill was introduced by Lord Dobbs, an obviously nice chap, but who has not bowed to pressure to agree that we who are most affected by the outcome of a referendum should be allowed the RIGHT to vote in this referendum.

Benefit Fraud - the excusesA benefit fraudster who claimed his wife was really his sister, and another who said she needed the cash for satellite TV, are among the latest examples of strange excuses that Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) benefit fraud investigators have heard over the last year.

Other odd stories told to DWP officers include a claimant who, using a fake ID, said her skin colour had changed after a road accident; a man who blamed his evil twin; and a woman who claimed she wasn’t in a relationship but just had a three-night stand resulting in three children over five years.

Harry SchindlerHarry Shindler aged 92 and a veteran of the Anzio Beach-head invasion in Italy by the allied troops against the German Nazi occupation of Italy in 1944 - Italy had surrendered in September 1943.

The  insulting  attitude of the Daily Mail towards pensioners residing in continental Europe was the spur for Harry to write this letter.

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