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What Does The Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Mean For Brits?

What Does The Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Mean For BritsThe Withdrawal Agreement agreed by Uk and European parliaments will come in to effect at midnight Central European TIme (11pm in UK) on January 31st 2020.
What exactly does this mean for Brits in the EU27?

Portuguese citizenship and how being 'ex-service personnel' can affect it...

Portuguese citizenship and how being 'ex-service personnel' can affect it...One of the things that has been talked about more over the last two years, particularly as a possible response to the UK exit from the EU, is the option to apply for Portuguese citizenship. Of course there are rules to follow, but something that has arisen for at least one afpop Member is an obstacle that we had not experienced previously.

SEF - good in the Algarve

SEFMost of public agencies in Portugal could have less bureaucracy. All over the world the trend is to increase it to ensure jobs and toys for the boys, writes Jack Soifer.

This gives secured votes to the huge dominating parties. Although a couple latter governments here say they will curb this, the pressure from a few leaders and from the lobbies who have sympathies among middle bosses in power, makes the PM’s wishes a pipedream.

The great expat Brexodus?

brexitLenWith the UK’s departure from the European Union now pushed back to 31 October, uncertainty both at home and abroad is set to drag on yet further. Whereas those at home in Blighty retain certain assurances, for Britain’s expat community even the most basic of rights still hang in the balance, writes Mike Bedigan, writer and correspondent for the UK's Immigration Advice Service

There are currently an estimated 800,000 Brits living in Europe. Of these, around 350,000 have settled on the Iberian Peninsula (49,000 in Portugal), whose lives on the continent will undoubtedly be affected by the UK’s withdrawal.

What to know about driving and driving licences in Portugal after Brexit

BREXITnumberplateWhen Brexit occurs, driving licences issued by the United Kingdom (UK) will be considered third country licences and, as such, the applicable legislation will be the one related to the recognition of third country licences.

This being said, after Brexit occurs, the holders of UK licences are only authorised to drive motor vehicles in Portugal for the first 185 days following their entry into the country without having to carry an International Driving Permit, considering they are not residents and do not intend to be residents in Portugal.

Dutch lead the way in treatment of expat Britons

dutch‘You can stay,’ Dutch tell British nationals, ‘but you will need a special permit,’ writes Robin Pascoe at Dutch News

British nationals living in the Netherlands will be able to remain there in the event of a no-deal Brexit but will have to apply for a special residence permit, Dutch foreign affairs minister Stef Blok confirmed on Monday evening, 7 January.

Ultimate guide to Portugal's Golden Visa

bridgeThe Portuguese Golden Visa programme is one of the most popular both in Europe and the world, and for good reasons, writes Thomas K. Running on Nomad Gate - the community for digital nomads, perpetual travellers, remote workers and location-independents.

Driving into Brexit - the latest news for motorists

4683At last we have some clarity on travel within in the EU27 after Brexit, writes Sue Fletcher.

On 13th November the EU issued a preparedness notice on travelling after Brexit. This article will focus on driving and driving licences under the Vienna Conventions of 1949 and 1968, to which the UK is a signatory. The date of Brexit still hangs in the balance so it could be 29th March 2019 in the event of a no-deal or December 31st 2020.