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The EU Succession Regulation

The EU Succession RegulationThe EU Succession Regulation, or Brussels IV, came into force on 17th August of this year.
It is directly applicable in the 27 “Regulation” states, but Denmark, the UK and Ireland have “opted out” of the Regulation. However, it will still affect anyone owning property or assets in a Regulation state, including Portugal.

What does the Regulation change?

'Never forgetting Bruna' - one year on, the 17-year-old’s brutal killer has yet be brought to justice

brunanunesAs one of the Algarve’s most hideous murders last year comes to trial in Portimão, another remains poignantly ‘open’ with the man police are certain killed teenager Bruna Nunes still ‘out there’ somewhere, evading the authorities.

Interpol and Europol arrest warrants have been distributed throughout all countries known to have been frequented by Mikhail Razvan Oprea, but since two days after 17-year-old Bruna went missing, all trace of him seems to have vanished.

Burglar dies during robbery at British couple's Vilamoura home

pspA recidivist burglar died in the early hours of Sunday morning at a property at Volta do Pardal on the Vilamoura estate.

A British couple and their son were woken at around 04:00 and discovered a burglar in their house.

Conman Ken sought, but not by police

kenjonesIn a strange twist in the tale of notorious conman Kenner Elias Jones, he is now being sought not by police but by his first wife who divorced him many years ago.

Having been deported from Canada and the United States, Ken Jones has managed to outwit police forces across Europe, including Portugal, while on the run and continuing his life of fantasy and fraud.

Uber cab service banned in Portugal

taxifaroThe decision to ban the Uber cab calling service was taken by the Court of Lisbon which accepted an injunction filed by Antral, the road carriers association.

The first consequence of the decision of the court is the mandatory closure of the Uber website for the Portuguese market and of its mobile phone app.

Urgent reviews of Wills urged

Urgent reviews of Wills urgedEU Regulation No. 650/2012, known as the “Succession Regulation” or Brussels IV, is aimed at harmonizing the different private international law rules for succession among “Regulation States”.

The Succession Regulation states that the law applicable to a person’s succession is the law of their “habitual residence” at the time of their death, unless the deceased elected in their will for the law of their nationality to apply, regardless of whether the state of their nationality is a Regulation State or not.

Report into CIA torture

statueofliberty"The release of the report on torture [report on torture [PDF] marks an important milestone. The details that the Senate Intelligence Committee have assembled will finally allow the US to come to terms with what happened.

The American people need to know what was done in their name. The litany of horrific interrogation techniques detailed in the report—including waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and forcing prisoners to stand shackled for hours on end—should help persuade those who still wish to deny that torture was conducted so that we can make sure this never happens again.

Alojamento Local/Local Letting - urgent licence update from afpop

lettingsThe following has been received by afpop and is important information for those property owners who ALREADY are holders of an Alojamento Local licence, issued before the new legislation was introduced on 27th of November 2014.

Those in this category are obliged to present a document from Finanças to their local Câmara Municipal  stating how they are fiscally conducting their renting business, whether it is by being registered as sole trader or through a company.