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Enjoy the Algarve - May issue now available!Feeling stressed? Chill out by reading the May 2016 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, Body & Soul!

In it, we focus on how to be zen in the south of Portugal. From yoga (or: how to do the vrikasana pose) and meditation (the Algarve's best spots) to alternative ways like naturism (yes, that's walking around butt naked) and herbalism.

newspapersPortugal’s corrupt, tax-evading, money-laundering politicians, administrators and businesses this week suddenly found themselves in distinguished international company, ranging from the presidents of Russia, China and Ukraine and the kings of Saudi Arabia and Morocco, to international stars of sports and entertainment.

All praise to the hard, honest work done by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists in exposing 11.5 million files, 140 politicians from more than 50 countries and offshore companies in 21 tax havens. ‎It may be only a matter of time before it is revealed that Vladimir Putin, José Sócrates and others have been taking greed-enhancing drugs.

carvoeirobeachDeciding to uproot and move to a different country isn’t an easy decision to make, and yet it’s one that millions of Brits have made.

As many as 4.7 million Britons are currently living abroad, having chosen to say goodbye to the UK’s temperamental weather in search of sunnier climes and a more relaxed way of life.

Portugal can offer a lot to expats; here are six reasons why Portugal is increasingly becoming the place to start again.

storkscopulatingThe Easter just past is likely to be one of the last of its kind. Leaders of various branches of the Christian Church are nearing agreement on making Easter a permanent, unique fixture instead of a moveable feast.

For more than 1,600 years it has wavered around weekends in March and April depending on the ecclesiastical full moon and the type of calendar used.

lisbonmapPortugal’s largest Foreign Residents’ Association, AFPOP, continues its collaboration with the University of the Algarve (UAlg), with the creation of a part-time course for foreigners entitled ‘Discover Portugal’.

The course, which begins on Thursday 31st March and runs for 13 weeks, will introduce many aspects of Portugal, its people, history, culture and gastronomy to those foreigners who have chosen to make Portugal their home.

janetownsonVeterinary surgeon Scott Miller, well known to hundreds of pet owners across the Algarve, is the star of Vet on the Hill which launches on UK TV’s More4 this coming Monday evening, March 7 at 9pm.

The 10-episode series, based around the Australian’s Richmond-upon-Thames veterinary clinic, features another well known personality, the Algarve-raised veterinary nurse, Emma Townson (pictured).

It has never been easier to enjoy the Algarve!Enjoy the Algarve is a free monthly online magazine, entirely devoted to the southernmost region of mainland Portugal. Because with its white sandy beaches, exciting activities and picturesque towns, there’s no better place to enjoy yourself than, indeed, the Algarve.

The March issue is now available to read....for FREE.